March 14, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call the Meeting to Order
I.a. Pledge of Allegiance
I.b. Announce Open Meeting Act Posting and Location - Wayne Community Schools, including Early Learning Center, Wayne Public Library, and Wayne Post office.
I.c. Action on Absence and Roll Call
I.d. Approval of Agenda - The Board may enter Executive Session to discuss any matter for which Executive Session is lawful and appropriate.
I.e. Consent Agenda
I.e.I. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings
I.f. Personnel
I.f.I. Teaching position
II. Communications from the Public and requested presentations
II.a. HAL presentation - Sonya Tompkins
III. Action Items
III.a. Old Business
III.b. New Business
III.b.I. Administrator Contracts
III.b.II. Mid States School Bus Inc. Contract
III.b.III. High School Locker Bids
III.b.IV. Option Enrollment Policy 12002 Resolution
III.b.V. ESU #1 2016-2017 Contract
III.b.VI. Early Graduation Request
III.b.VII. NSAA Unified Bowling - First Reading
III.b.VIII. Lawn Sprinkler System, Service Agreement
III.b.IX. Landscaping Maintenance, Service Agreement
III.b.X. Lunch Tables Bids
III.b.XI. First Reading Policy 5314 - Homeless Children and Youth
IV. Administration and Board Committee Reports:
IV.a. Administration - Written reports were provided by Administration. Copies of their reports are available at the District Office upon request.
IV.a.I. Superintendent
IV.a.I.1. Health Insurance Update
IV.a.I.2. Teacher Contracts
IV.a.I.3. 2016/2017 State Aid Certification
IV.a.I.4. Legislative Update
IV.a.I.5. NCTE - Nebraska Council of Teacher Education Update
IV.a.II. High School Principal
IV.a.III. Special Education Director
IV.a.IV. Elementary Principal
IV.a.V. Junior High Principal/A.D.
IV.b. Board Committees
IV.b.I. Foundation and Community Relations - Ken Jorgensen, Rod Garwood, Carolyn Linster, Mark Lenihan, Rocky Ruhl, Lindsay McLaughlin
IV.b.I.1. Community-Based Strategic Planning and Facilities Committee
IV.b.II. Curriculum and Americanism - Wendy Consoli, Carolyn Linster, Jeryl Nelson, Misty Beair
IV.b.III. Facility/Safety - Travis Meyer, Scott Hammer, Ken Jorgensen, Rod Garwood, Mark Hanson
IV.b.IV. Policy/Title IX - Wendy Consoli, Scott Hammer, Jeryl Nelson, Russ Plager
IV.b.V. Finance (Inc. Transportation & Budget) - Mark Lenihan, Scott Hammer, Rod Garwood, Ken Jorgensen, Rochelle Nelson
IV.b.VI. Negotiations - Jeryl Nelson, Carolyn Linster, Wendy Consoli, Mark Lenihan
V. Boardsmanship
V.a. Relay For Life - Saturday, April 9, 2016 at the High School
V.b. Honor Coffee - 6:30 p.m.
VI. Future Agenda Items
VII. Executive Session (If Needed)
VIII. Action Taken from Executive Session (If Needed)
IX. Adjournment
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