January 14, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Announce Open Meeting Act Posting and Location
IV. Member Oath for Re-Elected Board Members
IV.a. Rodney V. Garwood
IV.b. Wendy Consoli
IV.c. Ken Jorgensen
V. Roll Call
VI. Excuse Absent Board Members
VII. Organization of Board for 2013 (Board Policy 1202}
VII.a. Elect: President
VII.b. Vice-President
VII.c. Appoint Recording Secretary
VIII. Adoption of the Agenda
IX. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings
IX.a. Minutes from Regular Meeting - December 10, 2012
X. Routine Business Reports and Actions
X.a. Personnel
X.a.I. Foundation Executive Director Contract
X.b. Financial Reports and Claims
X.b.I. Financial Claims
X.c. Gifts
X.d. Bids and Contracts
XI. Communications from the Public on Agenda Items
XII. Informational Items or Reports
XII.a. Faculty, Staff and Students
XII.a.I. Holtze Construction - Ed Cable
XII.a.II. MAP presentation -Mrs. Beair
XII.b. Administration
XII.b.I. Mr. Hanson
XII.b.II. Mrs. Beair
XII.b.III. Mrs. Pickinpaugh
XII.b.IV. Mr. Ruhl
XII.c. Superintendent
XII.c.I. Mr. Lenihan- Board Goals listed at the bottom of the Agenda
XII.c.I.1. Board Goal 1 - Student Achievement
XII.c.I.1.1. New Goals and Indicators for student achievement.
XII.c.I.2. Board Goal 2 - Finances and Facilities
XII.c.I.2.1. Project update
XII.c.I.2.2. School Finance - Legislative Issues
XII.c.I.2.3. Mileage Reimbursement Rate
XII.c.I.3. Board Goal 3 - Communication
XII.c.I.3.1. State of Schools Presentatio
XII.c.I.3.2. 2012-13 calendar change
XII.c.I.3.3. Enrollment Projections
XII.d. Board Committees
XII.d.I. Foundation and Community Relation
XII.d.II. Curriculum and Americanism
XII.d.III. Facilities/Safety
XII.d.IV. Policy/Title IX
XII.d.V. Finance (Inc. Transportation & Budget)
XII.d.VI. Negotiations
XIII. Consent Agenda
XIII.a. Old Business
XIII.b. New Business
XIII.b.I. NSBA 2013-14 Affiliated Fees
XIII.b.II. Petition Filed by the Wayne Education Association with the Nebraska Commission
XIII.b.III. Memorandum of Understanding
XIII.b.IV. Purchase a new school car.
XIV. Boardsmanship
XIV.a. School Board Recognition Week
XIV.b. March School Board Meeting Date
XV. Future Agenda Items
XVI. Executive Session
XVII. Action taken from Executive Session
XVIII. Adjournment
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