June 9, 2014 at 5:00 PM - Wayne Board of Education Special and Regular Meeting

I. Amended Budget Hearing and Amend Budget-5:00 p.m.
I.a. Call to Order
I.b. Pledge of Allegiance
I.c. Open Meeting Act Posting and Location
I.d. Roll Call & Action on Absences
I.e. Adoption of Agenda
I.f. Public Hearing to Amend the 2013-14 Budget
I.g. Adjournment
II. Call Meeting to Order
II.a. Announce Open Meeting Act Posting and Location- Wayne Community Schools, Wayne Public Library, and Wayne Post Office.
II.b. Action on Absence and Roll Call
II.c. Approval of the Agenda- The Board may enter Executive Session to discuss any matter for which Executive Session is lawful and appropriate.
II.d. Consent Agenda
II.d.I. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings
II.e. Personnel
II.e.I. Resignation of Classified Staff
II.e.II. AIM - F/T Bi-Lingual Elementary School Secretary
III. Communications from the Public on Agenda Items
IV. Action Items
IV.a. Old Business
IV.a.I. 2nd Reading of 7-12 Student Handbooks
IV.b. New Business
IV.b.I. Approval to Amend the 2013-14 Budget
IV.b.II. Substitute Teacher Pay
IV.b.III. First Reading of K-6th Grade Handbook
IV.b.IV. 2014-15 Lunch Prices
IV.b.V. 2014-15 Milk Bid
IV.b.VI. First Reading of New and Revised Policies
IV.b.VI.1. First Reading of Policy 3103- Operational Finance- Purchasing Procedures and Bidding Construction Projects
IV.b.VI.2. Update-Adminstrative Regulation 4003 Professional Leave & Travel Reinbursement
IV.b.VI.3. New- First Reading of Policy 4215 Personnel- Catastrophic Illness or Injury Leave
IV.b.VI.4. New Policy- First Reading of Policy 5506- Students- Safe Pupil Transportation Plan
IV.b.VI.5. Policy 5313- Student- Attendance Policy & Excessive Absenteeism
IV.b.VI.6. New Policy- Policy 6213- Student- High School Credit for Middle School Courses
IV.b.VI.7. Policy 6283- Instruction- Concussions
IV.b.VI.8. New Policy- Policy 6285- Instruction- Student Participation in Athletic Contests Between Schools
IV.b.VI.9. New Policy- Policy 11003- Public Participation in the School District- Tobacco
V. Boardsmanship
V.a. Wayne Area Economic Development (WAED) will be holding a joint partners meeting on Tuesday, June 24 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the City Auditorium's North Meeting Room.
V.b. School Law Seminar Review
VI. Future Agenda Items
VII. Executive Session- (If Needed)
VIII. Action taken from Executive Session-(If Needed)
IX. Adjournment
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