January 12, 2015 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. (Legal Counsel will act as Chair) - Call Meeting to Order
I.a. Oath of Office
I.b. Pledge of Allegiance
I.c. Announce Open Meetings Act Posting and Locations - Wayne Community School, Wayne Public Library, and Wayne Post Office
I.d. Action on Absence and Roll Call
II. Organization of Board for 2015 (Board Policy 1202)
II.a. Elect: President
II.b. Elect: Vice-President
II.c. Appoint Recording Secretary
III. (President presides as Chair) - Affirm Current Policy and Regulation Manual as Governing Rules of the District, as listed on the School Website: www.wayneschools.org
IV. Board of Education Committee Membership
V. Acknowledgement of State Nebraska Bank and Trust of Wayne as Depository Institution, Wayne Herald as Classified Recording Records and Pieper/Miller as Legal Council for Annual Appointment.
VI. Approval of Agenda - The Board may enter Executive Session to discuss any matter for which executive session is lawful and appropriate.
VII. Consent Agenda
VII.a. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting
VIII. Personnel
VIII.a. Wayne Community Schools Early Leave Incentive Program Agreement
IX. Communications from the Public and requested presentations
IX.a. Ameritas - Mr. Jay Spearman
X. Action Items
X.a. Old Business
X.a.I. AIM Document - Second Reading Early Childhood Center
X.a.II. Personnel
X.b. New Business
X.b.I. WEA/WCS Board of Education Negotiated Agreement
X.b.II. Landscaping Maintenance
XI. Administration and Board Committee Reports:
XI.a. Administration - Written reports were provided by Administration. Copies of their reports are available at the District Office upon request.
XI.a.I. Superintendent
XI.a.I.1. Goals update
XI.a.I.1.1. Indicators for goals
XI.a.I.2. Superintendent office hours
XI.a.II. High School Principal
XI.a.III. Special Education Director
XI.a.IV. Elementary Principal
XI.a.V. Junior High Principal/A.D.
XII. Board Committees
XII.a. Foundation and Community Relations
XII.b. Curriculum and Americanism
XII.c. Facility/Safety
XII.d. Policy/Title IX
XII.e. Finance (Inc. Transportation and Budget)
XII.f. Negotiations
XIII. Boardsmanship
XIII.a. Honor Coffee
XIII.b. Legislative Issues Conference - January 25 and 26, Lincoln, Nebraska
XIII.c. 2015 NRCSA Spring Conference - March 19 and 20, Kearney, Nebraska
XIV. Future Agenda Items
XV. Executive Session (If Needed)
XVI. Action Taken from Executive Session (If Needed)
XVII. Adjournment
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