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March 26, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Board Retreat

I. Call to Order
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
II. Approval of Agenda
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
Motion made to accept the agenda Passed with a motion by Thomas Gaschler and a second by Gregg Smith.
  • Thomas Gaschler: Yea
  • Dirk Haarberg: Yea
  • Karl Meeske: Abstain (With Conflict)
  • Jeff Olsen: Yea
  • Willy O'Neil: Absent
  • Dan Reeves: Absent
  • Gregg Smith: Yea
  • Penny Strand: Absent
  • Sheila Stromberger: Yea
No Action(s) have been added to this Agenda Item.
III. Discussion Items
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
III.1. Reading Program
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Smith opened the discussion requesting clarification regarding where administration is currently in assessing existing reading program. Mr. Lane, Elementary Principal discussed several alternatives currently under review. Dr. Schoeppey reiterated administration is really currently still under the critical review of the data. Stromberger, O'Neil, Reeves, Smith all inquired regarding if the program is really the problem or if there are other metrics resulting in lower scores. Smith's research indicated poverty level can be a strong indicator of success in the scores across the state of Nebraska. Additional discussion included allowing teachers the flexibility and providing them additional resources in order for teachers to tailor reading beyond the specifics of Reading Mastery to the specific needs of children in their classroom. Emphasis is placed on adding to the toolbox teachers have for teaching reading, while also maintaining cohesiveness within the elementary program. Further analysis will be done by adminstrators including area, like kind schools and what are working, best alternatives. Smith encouraged open communication and leadership by the administration in collaboration with the teachers as assessment of the reading program continues.
III.2. Student "Web Team"
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
III.3. Laptop programs and textbooks
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Mr. Sorensen addressed the progression from traditional textbook to ebook progress noting no traditional textbooks have been purchased in over five years. Cost savings have not really been realized as ebook textbook are generally the same price as traditional textbooks. Discussion was held regarding the value of the one to one initiative verses a by classroom alternative. How to update & maintain the program effectively was discussed. This includes working to bridge the gap between instruction and technology, in order to maximize the technological equipment the distrcit is invested in.
III.4. School Performance Rating/School Improvement Update
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Increasing staff member involvement as noted has been addressed by assessing staff strengths and matching them to committee involvement. Mr. Sorensen highlighted areas of committee focus that have occurred to date as well as a vision of items that will be addressed through up coming in services.
III.5. Valedictorian/Salutatorian
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Hartman addressed the possibility of setting a higher standard for Valedictorian/Salutatorian in order to eliminate multiple students from receiving the title. Members were in favor of pursuing including Haarberg who noted the big picture is ensuring that our classes are preparing students effectively for the next level of education.
III.6. Board Goals
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Board appreciated the value that could be gained by restablishing Board goals and will work in the next few months to reassess past & present goals.
III.7. Wellington Football Field/Front Entrance
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Use, cost & liability issues were noted & discussed. Discussion held regarding a front door sidewalk and more direct signage. Scheduling of a facility meeting will be organized to address more fully.
III.8. Credit Recovery Program
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Stromberger brought to the Boards attention students that are struggling are of a concern so how does the district address this issue. Our current credit recovery program verses alternative possibilities were discussed.
III.9. Offering Breakfast for Students/Backpack program
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Cindy Brunkhorst, Cafeteria Mgr, was present for questions accordingly. Items discussed included school start time adjusted to later to accomodate, the current demand for breakfast/advisory period purchases ala cart, adjustment to time and nutrition requirements that would be required, cost analysis discussion included rates, reimbursement, additional staffing which would be required. Options further discussed included a Grab n Go type breakfast, as well as a Backpack program, discussed by Tom Gaschler. Such a program includes sending children home with a backpack full of non-perishables on Friday to sustain them through the weekend. Gaschler noted a prelimary discussion with a local bank interested in assisting with the cost. Administration and Board agreed to pursue further.
III.10. Drama Program in the Grade School
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
III.11. Budget Forecast
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Discussion:  Dr. Schoeppey discussed concerns noted regarding current and future economic conditions. He noted room to increase the levy if needed and/or look at budget cuts if we had too.
IV. Adjourn
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
Discussion:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:24.
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