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May 11, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Announce Open Meeting Act Posting and Location
4. Recognition of Visitors
Rationale:  During this time visitors may request to the board the opportunity to speak at the appropriate time.  The Board then allow for Public Comments.  Each speaker will be limited to 5 minutes and all of the Public Comment time will be limited to 30 minutes.  An exception will be made for those speakers appearing on the Agenda as presenters.
5. Approval of Agenda
6. Consent Agenda
6.2. Treasurers Report
7. Administrative Reports
7.1. Athletic Director/Activities Director Report
7.2. Elementary Principals Report
7.3. Secondary Principals Report
7.4. Superintendents Report
8. District Reports
8.1. Technology Report
8.1.1. Use of REAP 2020 and 2021 Funds
8.2. Maintenance/Facilities/Transportation Report
8.2.1. Purchase of 8 Sanitizing Stations
8.3. Board/Committee Report
8.3.1. Board Policy 202.02 - Conflict of Interest
8.3.2. Employee Exit Interviews
8.3.3. Policy Committee
9. Discussion Items
9.1. Class of 2020 Graduation
9.2. School Facility Access - June and July
9.3. Classified Employment Incentive and Cash-in-Lieu Program
9.4. NDE's Launch Nebraska 2020-2021 Expectations
10. Action Items
10.1. Discuss and take all necessary action on amendment to Board Policy 605.01R1
10.2. Discuss and take all necessary action on portable stage quote(s)
10.3. Discuss and take all necessary action on closing option enrollment to services and/or grade levels that are at capacity
10.4. Discuss and take all necessary action to amend Board Policy 611.03, 611.05, and 611.06 to reflect Cum Laude Academic Recognition
10.5. Board Policies on Ceremonies
10.6. Discuss and take all necessary action to eliminate activity fee (Grades 6-12) and provide all full-time students in grades K-12 with a free activity pass for home, regular season contests
10.7. Discuss and take all necessary action on new certified hires
Rationale:  Madisyn Jakub (Miller) B+0/1
Mallory Patterson B+0/1
10.8. Discuss and take all necessary action to approved the purchase of Amplify for the Grades 3-8 Science Curriculum at $31,488
10.9. Discuss and take all necessary action to permit all district employees optional participation in a District Vision Plan provided by VSP/Ameritas beginning in 2020-2021
10.10. Discuss and take all necessary action for purchase/renewal of IXL for K-12 in ELA and Math at $16,700
10.11. Discuss and take all necessary action on NDE Affidavit of Hours/Days of Attendance
10.12. Discuss and take all necessary action on making Bus 13 Surplus for the purpose of Trade-in for purchase of a 2016, Thomas C2, 77 Passenger Bus from Master Transportation for $46,000
11. Set Dates
12. Executive Session

The Board may enter into closed session at any time to discuss any matter for which a closed session is lawful and appropriate.

We have legal matters that need to be handled in closed session.

Before the Board can enter closed session, a motion must be made in agreement with Statute 84-1410 by the Board to discuss topics such as personnel, negotiations, and legal matters.

13. Adjournment
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