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October 19, 2015 at 7:00 PM - City Council Regular Meeting

1. Opening Procedures
1.1. Call to Order
1.2. Pledge of Allegiance
1.3. Announcement of Open Meetings Act
1.4. Roll Call
1.5. Approval of Agenda
2. Submittal of Requests for Future Items
3. Reserve Time to Speak on Agenda Items
4. Presentations and Proclamations
4.1. Buffalo County Sheriff Department--Contract Law Enforcement Report
4.2. WWTP and Water Report--Matt Smallcomb--People Service
4.3. City Administrator Report--Chris Rector
4.4. City Treasurers Report--Judy Mead
4.5. City Attorney Report--Barry Hemmerling
4.6. Gibbon Public Library Strategic Plan/Accreditation--Sharon Schukei
4.7. Darrin Robinson--Buffalo County Economic Development Update
4.8. Proclamation: "Domestic Violence Awareness Month"
5. Public Hearing
6. Ordinance
7. Consent Agenda
7.1. Approval of the Minutes of the September 21, 2015 City Council Meeting
7.2. Approval of Claims for the month of October
7.3. Approval of Reports of Departments, Boards, and Commissions
7.3.1. Treasurers Report
7.3.2. Treatment Plant & Water Report
7.3.3. Buffalo County Sheriff Department Report
7.3.4. GVFD Report
7.3.5. Planning Commission Report
Attachments: Building Permits #2015-46: Norman Willey--Garage & Storage--219 Lawn Ave.
Attachments: #2015-47: Steve & Pam Rasmussen--Fence & Porch Addition--6705 Pawnee Rd.
Attachments: #2015-48: Shane & Stormy Plumb--Storage Shed--304 Court Street
7.3.6. Gibbon Community Center Report
7.3.7. Library Report
7.3.8. Appointment--Bob Bendfeldt--Golf Board
7.3.9. Approve GVFD Application--Michelle Eutsler
8. Resolutions and Motions
9. Requests and Referrals
10. Other Items
10.1. Next Regular Council Meeting will be Monday, November 16, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
11. Adjourn
Motion to approve adjournment 7:56 Passed with a motion by Kevin Hynes and a second by Albert Krueger.
  • Derrick Clevenger: Yea
  • Kevin Hynes: Yea
  • Albert Krueger: Yea
  • Leon Stall: Yea
No Action(s) have been added to this Agenda Item.
11.1. In accordance with Section 84-1412 {8) of the Revised Statutes of the State of Nebraska, one copy of all reproducible written material to be discussed is available to the public at this meeting for examination and copying. The Mayor and City Council reserve the right to adjourn into closed session a
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