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May 11, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Planning Commission via conference call. Access the meeting by using Conference Call No. 415-762-9988 with this Meeting ID No. 236-678-6847

1. Statement of Compliance with Open Meetings Act and roll call.
2. Minutes of April 13, 2020, meeting.
3. Public hearing - Application of Foreman Lumber for final plat and development agreement of Ekea Addition (41 Avenue and 11 Street).
4. Public hearing - Application of Granville Custom Homes, Inc. for final plat and development agreement of Frontier Park Addition (East 14 Avenue and Armory Drive). (Continued from April 13, 2020 meeting.)
5. Public hearing - Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan for the Armory Neighborhood Redevelopment Area (Frontier Park Redevelopment Project - Area 9). (Continued from the April 13, 2020 meeting.)
6. Public hearing - Third Supplement to the Redevelopment Plan entitled: Amendment to the 33rd Avenue and U.S. Highway 30 Redevelopment Plan (Phase III of the WHO Development Redevelopment Project).
7. Public hearing - Application of Columbus Retail, LLC for special use permit to allow convenience storage in a "B-2" (General Commercial District) zone located at 3620 23 Street.
8. Public hearing - Application of Lowell Anderson for special use permit to allow the building coverage to be increased from 35 percent to 39 percent in an "R-2(b)" (Urban-Family Residential with an Agricultural Overlay District) zone located at 1539 1 Street.
9. Public hearing - Text Amendments to Article 13 of Zoning Code, "Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Siting Ordinance" to add exception for public right-of-way, to define "right-of-way", to provide that the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act governs the right-of-way, to add a new subpart to Article 13 providing for small wireless facilities in right-of-way, and to add a new article to the Zoning Code, Article 15, entitled "Permits to Occupy the Right-of-Way".
10. Appointment of Nominating Committee for Chair and Vice Chair.
11. Building report for April 2020.
12. Adjournment
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