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July 12, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge
3. Roll Call
4. Call for changes to the Agenda-Consent Agenda (Items on the Consent Agenda which require discussion should be moved to the Regular Agenda at this time).
5. Superintendent's Report
6. Committee Reports
7. Public Comment
8. Old Business
8.A. Motion to adopt Board Policy BDA, Procedure for Adopting Board Policy, second reading.
8.B. Motion to adopt Board Policy BDAA, Contracts Supersede Policy and Regulations, second reading.
8.C. Motion to adopt Board Policy BDAB, Savings Clause, second reading.
8.D. Selection of legal counsel for Williston Basin School District #7.
8.E. Motion to approve employment and wages for At-Will Non-Rep employees.
8.F. Motion to approve the curriculum expenditures, as presented.
9. New Business
9.A. Appointment of member to the Renaissance Zone Board.
9.B. Administrative Flow Chart
9.C. Set location, times, and direct Business Manager to contact judges for election, if needed.
9.D. Motion to approve the tuition agreement from Ray Public Schools.
9.E. Motion to approve Required Board Polices, first reading:
AAC, Non Discrimination and Anti-Harassment; AACA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Policy; ABBE, Displays of Religious Objects or Documents; ABCE, Prohibition on Aiding Sexual Abuse; ABDA, Accessibility Policy; ABEA, Wellness Policy; ABEC, School Meal Charging Policy; ACBB, Significant Contagious Disease; ACDA, Acceptable Use; ACEA, Bullying Policy; BDD, Compensation & Expenses for Board Members; DBBA, Drug & Alcohol Testing Program for Employees; DEAA, Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace; FAAA, Open Enrollment; FCAF, Concussion Management; FDB, Education of Homeless Students; FDD, Education of Pregnant & Parenting Students; FDE, Education of Special Education/Disabled Students; FDH, Students in Foster Care; FF, Student Conduct & Discipline; FFA, Student Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse; FFB, Attendance & Absences; FFD, Carrying Weapons; FFE, Extracurricular Participation Requirements; FFK, Suspension & Expulsion; FGA, Student Education Records & Privacy; FGDD, Student Publications & Freedom of Expression; GABAA, English Learners; GABDB, Title Programs Dispute Resolution Procedure; GCC, Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment & Third-Party Research on Students; HBAA, Federal Fiscal Compliance; IB, Food Service Program; IDC, Data Protection & Security Breaches, FFK-BR, Suspension and Expulsion Regulations.
9.F. Motion to approve Recommended Board Policies, first reading:
ABAA, School District Organization Plan; ABAB, School Year & Calendar; ABBA, North Dakota's Comprehensive Model School Policy for Tobacco Use; ABBB, Non-Curricular Use of District Property; ABCB, Sportsmanship; ABEB, Child Nutrition Programs; ACBA, Automated External Defibrillators (AED); ACBD, School Medication Program; ACBF, Medical Marijuana; ACCA, Sexual Offenders on School Property; ACE, Violent or Threatening Behavior; ACEB, Hazing; ACF, Whistleblower Protections Policy; BA, School Board Ethics; BAA, Employing Board Members; BAB, Board Conflict of Interest; BBAA, Officers of the Board; BBC, Method of Filling a Board Vacancy; BC, Meetings of the Board; BCAA, Board Meeting Agenda & Pre-Meeting Preparation; BCAB, Board Meeting Procedures; BCAC, Minutes; BCAD, Executive Session; BCBA, Public Participation at Board Meetings; BDBB, Retaining an Attorney; BGA, Board Communication with the Public; CAAB, Superintendent Evaluation Procedure; CBAA, Administrative Regulations; CBAB, Administration in Policy Absence; CCB, Superintendent Grievance Procedure; DAA, Role of Policy & Regulation for Non-Contracted Employees; DAB, Definitions for Personnel Policies; DBD, Classified Staff Intent to Rehire; DCB, Overtime & Compensatory Time; DDA, Sick Leave; DDAA, Family and Medical Leave; DDBA, Vacation Leave; DDBB, Holidays; DDBD, Military Leave; DDC, Unpaid Leaves; DDCA, Political Leave; DDEA, Jury & Witness Duty; DE, Staff Code of Conduct; DEAB, Staff Attendance; DEAC, Staff Dress Code; DEAG, Weapons Prohibited on District Property - Employees; DEBA, Confidentiality; DEBB, Conflict of Interest; DEBC, Gifts to District Personnel; DEBD, Maintaining Professional Employee-Student Boundaries; DEBE, Employee Relations with Vendors; DEBF, Employee Speech; DEBJ, Unauthorized Purchases; DED, Administrative Leave & Suspension; DFAA, Teacher Evaluation; DFB, Promotion; DGGA, Professional Development Plan; DHA, Licensure; DHAB, Title I Qualifications Notification Requirement; DI, Personnel Records; DIA, Distribution of Personnel Directory; DIB, Review of Contested Material in Personnel Directory; DJA, Substitute Teachers; DJC, Teachers' Aides; DKBA, Separation of At-Will Employees; DKBB, Contracted Staff Resignation & Request for Release from Contract; DKBD, Teacher Discharge for Cause; FAAB, Early Entrance Requirements; FAAC, Enrollment of Suspended or Expelled Students; FAB, School Assignment; FACA, Placement & Adjustment of Transfer Students; FBA, Student Fees; FC, Student Safety & Supervision; FCAA, Accomodating Students with Allergies & Special Dietary Needs; FCBA, Student Dismissal Precautions; FCBB, Student Transportation Safety & Supervision; FCBD, Student Custody; FDA, Education of Home Schooled Students; FDC, Education of Migrant Students; FFC, Bus Conduct; FFG, Student Assemblies; FFH, Student Dress Code; FG, Student Rights and Responsibilities; FGBB, Student Prayer During Non-Instructional Time; FGCA, Searches of Lockers; FGCB, Searches of Students & Students' Personal Property; FGCC, Student Interrogations; FGDB, Student Handbooks; FGDC, Students of Legal Age; FGDE, Student Distribution & Posting on Noncurricular Material; GAAB, Curriculum Adoption; GABDA, Student Achievement; GACB, Patriotic Exercises; GBA, Academic Freedom; GBAA, Teaching About Religion; GBBA, Guest Speakers; GCAA, Grade Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration; GCE, Opting out of State and Federal Assessments; GDB, Graduation Exercises; HBCC, Fundraising; HCAA, Purchasing; HCAB, Bidding Requirements & Procedures; HCAE, Disbursement of Monies; HCBA, Vendor Conflict of Interest Disclosure; HCBB, Sales Calls & Demonstrations; HCBC, Fair Employment Clause in Contracts; HDD, Gift & Bequests; HEAA, Line Item Transfer Authority; HEBA, System of Accounts; HEBB, Cash in School Buildings; HEBC, Fraud Prevention & Investigation; HEBD, Audits; IAAA, Asbestos Management; IAB, Building & Grounds Security Plan; IDB, Risk Management; IEAC, Bus Scheduling & Routing; JBA, Accomodations for Individuals with Disabilities; KAAA, Visitors in Schools; KAAB, School Volunteer Program; KACA, Patron Complaints, KACB, Complaints About Personnel; KADA, Weapons Prohibition on District Property - Public; KBA, Relations with the News Media.
10. Consent Agenda (Items on Consent Agenda can be processed with a single motion.)
The board shall consider payment of all bills and monthly financial status and previous board meeting minutes
07/01/2021 Annual School Board meeting minutes
11. Adjourn

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