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September 13, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge
3. Roll Call
4. Call for changes to the Agenda-Consent Agenda (Items on the Consent Agenda which require discussion should be moved to the Regular Agenda at this time).
5. Superintendent's Report
6. Committee Reports
6.A. Personnel & Finance
6.B. Building & Grounds
6.C. Coyote Social Emotional Advisory (formerly Health & Wellness)
6.D. Policy
6.E. Return to In-Person Learning
6.F. CTE
7. Library Report
8. Public Comment
9. Old Business
10. New Business
10.A. Strategic Planning discussion with Dr. Schatz.
10.B. Discussion and possible action related to transportation and athletics.
10.C. Approval to move regular meeting date for October meeting.
10.D. Approval of financial reports for WPSD1 and WCSD8.
10.E. Approval of certificate of authorized signers - Wells Fargo.
10.F. Discussion and possible action regarding Superintendent evaluation format.
10.G. Approval for the Business Manager to conduct business with USPS on behalf of WBSD7.
10.H. Discussion and possible action regarding Business Manager evaluation format.
10.I. Approval of contracts
10.J. Approval of All Source Plumbing as approved vendor for emergency calls.
10.K. Approval of MOU for Northwest Human Service Center for mental health services.
10.L. Approval of MOU for transportation with Northwest Public Transit.
10.M. Discussion and possible action to form Technology Committee.
10.N. Bill Spakowski, Tech Assessment Update
10.O. Approval of tuition agreements.
10.P. Approval of Open Enrollment Agreements.
10.Q. Discussion and possible action to bid for IT Services
10.R. Approval of PowerSchool Enrollment renewal quote.
10.S. Motion to approve board policies ABABA, Religious Observance; ABBDA, Political Activities; ABBF, Ticket Sales for Accessible Seating; ABCA, Copyrighted Material & Intellectual Property; ABCD, Record Retention; ACAA, Emergency Closings; ACAB, Emergency & Disaster Plans & Drills; ACBC, Use of Animals in District Schools & in Curricular Programs; BBA, School Board Elections & Terms in Office; BBBB, School Board Committees; CAAA, Superintendent Recruitment & Appointment; DBAA, Recruitment, Hiring, & Background Checks for New Classified Personnel; KAB, District-School Parent & Family Engagement Policy; AAC-BR1, Discrimination and Harassment Grievance Procedure; and AAC-BR2, Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure, first reading.
10.T. Motion to amend board policy DJA, Substitute Teachers, first reading.
10.U. Substitute teacher pay.
10.V. Discussion and possible action regarding survey of stakeholders (COVID and Fridays @ WHS)
11. Consent Agenda (Items on Consent Agenda can be processed with a single motion.)
The board shall consider payment of all bills and monthly financial status and previous board meeting minutes
08/09/2021 Regular School Board meeting minutes
08/19/2021 Special School Board meeting minutes
08/27/2021 Special School Board meeting minutes
09/01/2021 Special School Board meeting minutes
09/09/2021 Special School Board meeting minutes
12. Adjourn

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