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December 13, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge
3. Roll Call
4. Call for changes to the Agenda-Consent Agenda (Items on the Consent Agenda which require discussion should be moved to the Regular Agenda at this time).
5. Superintendent's Report
6. Committee Reports
6.A. Policy Committee
6.B. Personnel & Finance Committee
6.C. Building & Grounds Committee
6.D. CTE Committee
6.E. Technology Committee
6.F. Coyote Social Emotional Advisory Committee
6.G. Return to In-Person Learning Committee
7. Public Comment
8. Old Business
9. New Business
9.A. Approval of middle school athletic acceleration requests.
9.B. CTE Vision Visit (Mark Wagner)
9.C. School Spotlight - Bakken Elementary
9.D. Approve contract for Discovery Education Modules.
9.E. Approval of Staff Handbook for 2021-2022.
9.F. Approve amendments to student handbooks for 2021-2022.
9.G. High School attendance policy.
9.H. Motion to adopt board policies ACDC, Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAVs); BDBA, Consultants to the Board; BDBC, Citizens' Advisory Committees; DA, Personnel Policies Requirements & Implementation; DCAB, Fringe Benefits; DFA, Supervision & Evaluation; DFC, Transfer & Reassignment; DGB, Employee Assistance Program; FAAD, Tuition Agreements; FDF, Exchange & Non-Exchange Foreign Students; FEE, Student Organizations; FFJ, Student Vehicles on School Property; HCAG, Purchasing Cards; LAB, Cooperative Programs & Services; and LBC, Relations with the Parks and Recreation Department, first reading.
9.I. Approve open enrollment forms.
9.J. E-Rate RFP
9.K. Time Clock bid
9.L. Approve amendment to 9/13/2021 Regular minutes.
9.M. Accept resignation from Sonja Tinjum.
9.N. Accept resignation from Madison Knight.
9.O. Accept resignation from David Farrenkopf.
9.P. Accept retirement of Joseph Miesel.
9.Q. Appoint Sadie Kieson as the Foster Care Liaison.
9.R. Superintendent Search
9.S. Long-Range Facility Planning
9.T. Standard of Effort Report
9.U. Board Governance
9.V. Business Manager Financial Update
9.W. Approve new positions for Title I Targeted Schools: Missouri Ridge - Title I Paraprofessional (2 FTE), Bakken Elementary - 2 Strategists (FTE), and Title I Targeted Improvement School strategist positions at WMS, WHS, and Missouri Ridge.
9.X. Superintendent Duties - Interim
9.Y. Executive Session to discuss negotiating strategy under NDCC 44-04-19.1(9).
9.Z. Business Manager Evaluation
10. Consent Agenda (Items on Consent Agenda can be processed with a single motion.)
The board shall consider payment of all bills and monthly financial status and previous board meeting minutes
11/08/2021 Regular School Board meeting minutes
11/15/2021 Special School Board meeting minutes
11/23/2021 Special School Board meeting minutes
11. Adjourn

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