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June 13, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge
3. Roll Call
4. Call for changes to the Agenda-Consent Agenda (Items on the Consent Agenda which require discussion should be moved to the Regular Agenda at this time).
5. Superintendent's Report
Description:  Review of Friday Board Update by Dr. Faidley
6. Business Manager's Report
Attachments: (4)
7. Committee Reports
7.A. Building and Grounds
7.B. CTE
7.C. Policy
7.D. Technology
7.E. Coyote Social Emotional
7.F. Personnel and Finance
7.G. Legislative
8. Public Comment
9. Old Business
10. New Business
11. School Safety
12. District Academic Achievement Presentation
Attachments: (4)
13. Approve the Strategic Plan
Attachments: (1)
14. Policy approval.  IEAD - Use of Buses by Community Group, FBB - Toilet Independence, FEDA - Early Dismissal for Work, JCA - Memorials on School Property, LAA - Shared Services, DHBC - Instructional Staff Extra Duty
Attachments: (6)
15. Policy amendment.  DDBA - Vacation Leave
Attachments: (1)
16. Consider change to Personal Leave Day rollover for one year
17. Round Prairie Budget considerations and authorization for a community parent meeting
Attachments: (1)
18. Approve contracts for 4 new teachers:  Darren Fer Dimapilis, Maggie Lowery, Kylie Simonsen, Quinn McGlothlin
Attachments: (1)
19. Approve Assistant Superintendent contract
Attachments: (1)
20. Approve Organization Chart changes
Attachments: (1)
21. Approve resignation from Whitten
Attachments: (1)
22. Consider rescinding resignation
Attachments: (1)
23. Approve Technology purchases
23.A. Parentsquare contract
Attachments: (1)
23.B. Lightspeed contract
Attachments: (1)
23.C. Microsoft contract
Attachments: (1)
24. Approve purchasing Forcast5 for financial reporting
Attachments: (1)
25. Approve Carpet bids
Attachments: (1)
26. Facilities Key Considerations
27. Request to go for additional bus bid.
28. Request to bid for custodial services for 2022-2023 school year
Attachments: (1)
29. Consideration of contract with TransportMe
Attachments: (1)
30. Discussion about refunding bonds - information from Brian Osowski
Attachments: (1)
31. Set lunch prices
Attachments: (1)
32. Approval of payment of year end obligations.
33. Business Manager Evaluation
34. Business Manager supervisory structure
35. Business Manager employment offer 22-23 school year
36. Consent Agenda (Items on Consent Agenda can be processed with a single motion.)
The board shall consider payment of all bills and monthly financial status and previous board meeting minutes
05/09/2022 Regular School Board meeting minutes
05/24/2022 Special School Board meeting minutes
Attachments: (3)
37. Adjourn

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