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August 10, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Agenda - Madison City Council Meeting

CONSENT AGENDA: Motion will include A-C…as one. APPROVE: A. Agenda B. Minutes C. Claims
APPROVE: Treasurer’s Report   
Welcome and reminder to turn off electronic devices. 
Discussion/Action on Arbor Care capital expenditures. 
Discussion/Action on water meters. 
Discussion/Action on approval of Statement of Values from EMC Insurance. 
Discussion/Action on updating rescue billing rates. 
Discussion/Action on upcoming capital improvement projects. 
Discussion/Action to ratify and approve the CDBG Subrecipient Policies and Procedures. 
Discussion/Action to approve Resolution on Acquisition or Development for Outdoor Recreation. 
Discussion/Action on dental insurance plan renewal. 
Discussion/Action to approve Michelle Jacob as a new member of the Madison Fire and Rescue Department. 
Discussion/Action on approval of the 2022-2023 Fire and Rescue 50/50 Equipment Budget. 
Discussion/Action on Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with the rural fire protection districts of the State of Nebraska to create a mutual finance organization. 
Approval of Contractor’s Application for Payment No. 3 (Paving Improvements 2022) to Elkhorn Paving Construction Co., Inc. in the amount of $384,661.22.
Approval of Request for Funds #4 for CDBG Grant No. 20EMCV005 (Senior Center) to NENEDD for general administration in the amount of $562.50. No city funds will be spent.
Approval of Request for Funds #3 for CDBG Grant No. 20EMCV011 (Auditorium) to NENEDD for general administration in the amount of $525.00 and Construction Management in the amount of $375.00 for a total of $900.00. No City funds will be spent.
Discussion/Action on changing the date of the September council meeting. 
Discussion/Action on setting the date and time for the 1 & 6 Year Plan public hearing. 
The Council will review the above matters and take such action as they deem appropriate.
The Council may enter into executive session on certain matters authorized under the Nebraska Open Meetings Act. 

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