Public Meeting Agenda: March 26, 2009 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education


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March 26, 2009 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Agenda

March 26, 2009 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education
1. Call to Order
2. Welcome to Visitors
Speaker(s):  Chairman Shirley Parris
3. Moment of Silence
4. Pledge to Flag
Speaker(s):  SMHS students will lead is in our pledge
5. Special Recognition: Stone Memorial High School
6. Roll Call
Speaker(s):  Chair Shirley Parris
7. Approval of Minutes of February 26, 2009
8. Approval of Agenda
Speaker(s):  Chair Shirley Parris
9. Community Comments
Speaker(s):  Chair Parris
10. Renewal of Director's Contract
Speaker(s):  Chair Shirley Parris
11. School Board Reports
11.A. TLN Report
12. NSBA Affiliation
Speaker(s):  Chair Parris
13. Legal Report
Speaker(s):  Earl Patton
14. Director of Schools Report
Speaker(s):  Aarona VanWinkle
14.A. Contract with TDOT for Lantana Rd. Project
14.B. 2009-2010 School Calendar
14.C. Tenure Personnel List for 2009-2010
14.D. Non-Tenure Personnel Recommendation for 2009-2010
Speaker(s):  Aarona VanWinkle
14.E. Approval of of TIE Personnel
Speaker(s):  Aarona VanWinkle
14.F. FYI
Speaker(s):  Aarona VanWinkle
14.F.1. March Administration Meeting
14.F.2. Attendance Report
14.F.3. April Community of Character
14.F.4. American School Board Journal Article
14.F.5. Updated Policies from TSBA
14.F.6. Annual Planning Calendar
14.F.7. Facilities and Maintenance Plan
15. School Board Committees
Speaker(s):  Chair Parris
15.A. Committee Reports
Speaker(s):  Chair Parris
16. Business Manager Report
16.A. Monthly Financial Report
Speaker(s):  Cindy Randol
17. Approval of Grant Applications
Speaker(s):  Chair Parris
17.A. North Cumblerland Dollar General Youth Literacy Grant
Speaker(s):  Chair Parris
17.B. Carol M. White Physical Education Program Grant
Speaker(s):  Chair Parris
18. Cumberland County School Nutrition Program
Speaker(s):  Chair Parris
18.A. Approval of Breakfast Expansion Grant
18.B. Approval of Dishwasher Specifications
18.C. Approval of Surplus Equipment Disposal
19. Consent Agenda
19.A. Approval of Volunteers
19.A.1. Brown Elementary Volunteers
19.A.2. CCHS Volunteers
19.A.3. Pleasant Hill Volunteers
19.A.4. South Cumberland Elementary Volunteers
19.A.5. SMHS Volunteers
19.B. Approval of School Trips
19.B.1. CCHS Advanced Choir
19.B.2. North Cumberland Honors Trip
19.B.3. SMHS Beta Club
19.B.4. SMHS Criminal Justice
19.C. Approval of Contracts
19.C.1. CCHS with Network Solutions
19.C.2. SMHS with Lifetouch
19.C.3. SMHS with Josten's
19.D. Approval of Phoenix School FFA Request
19.E. Approval of North Cumberland Disposal of Surplus Property
19.F. Approval of Vinyl Floor Tile Specs for South Cumberland Elementary
19.G. Approval of 2nd Reading of Policies
19.G.1. 2.800 Expenditure of Funds
19.G.2. 2.811 Compensation
19.G.3. 2.8041 Travel Policy
19.G.4. 6.4031 Pediculosis (Head Lice)
19.H. Approval of 1st Reading on Policies
19.H.1. 4.602 Class Ranking
19.H.2. 5.114 Personnel Records
19.H.3. 5.200 Suspension/Dismissal of Non-tenured Teachers
19.H.4. 5.306 Military Leave
20. Other Old Business
21. Questions from the Media
22. Adjournment
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