Public Meeting Agenda: May 26, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education


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May 26, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Agenda

May 26, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education
1. Call to Order - Mr. Don Hassler
2. Welcome to Visitors - Mr. Don Hassler
3. Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance - Mr. Don Hassler
3.A. Pledge of Allegiance
3.B. Brandon Stubbs, Cumberland County High School - Reading
4. Special Recognition - Mr. Don Hassler
5. Roll Call
6. Declaration of Conflict - Mr. Earl Patton
Rationale:  Declarations of Conflict - Per TCA 49-2-202 Board of Education Members who have relatives (per the statue: relative means: Spouse, parent, parent-in-law, child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, or any person who resides in the same household as you) employed by the system are asked to raise your hands to identify yourself. "Do you certify that the votes that you make tonight will be in the best interest of the school system, regardless of the effect that your vote may have upon the employment of your relative or relatives?"
7. *Approval of April 28, 2016 Minutes
8. *Approval of Agenda
9. Community Comments
9.A. Horizon Initiative Cooperative Agreement - Mr. Brad Allamong
10. Acknowledgement of Elected Officials
11. PTOA Representative - Mr. Rolf Weeks
12. School Board Reports
12.A. TLN Report - Mr. Jeff Freitag
13. Board Member(s) Report from Training(s)
14. Legal Report - Mr. Earl Patton
15. Superintendent's Report - Mr. Donald Andrews
15.A. *Approval of the Cumberland County School System's FY17 Consolidated Funding Application - Mr. Dan Schlafer
15.B. *Strategic Compensation Plan Approval - Dr. Rebecca Wood
15.C. *Board Attorney Retainer Agreement 2016-2017 - Mr. Don Hassler
15.D. Personnel List For 2016-2017 School Year - Ms. Christie Thompson
15.D.1. Bus Driver 2016-2017 Personnel List
15.D.2. School Nutrition 2016-2017 Personnel List
15.D.3. Non-Certified 2016-2017 Personnel List
15.D.4. Non-Tenured 2016-2017 Personnel List
15.D.5. Tenured 2016-2017 Personnel List
15.D.6. Not Rehired
15.D.6.a. School Nutrition Personnel
15.D.6.b. Non-Certified Personnel
15.D.6.c. Non-Tenured Certified Personnel
15.E. *Booster Club Bylaws - Mr. Travis Isaacson
15.F. *2016-2017 Budget - Mr. Travis Isaacson
15.G. *Cumberland County School Nutrition Program 2016-2017 Budget
15.H. FYI
15.H.1. Administrative Meeting Agenda
15.H.2. Attendance Report
15.H.3. Personnel Report
15.H.4. Substitute List
15.H.5. Professional Development Report
15.H.6. School News Articles
15.H.7. School Calendar of Events
16. School Board Committees
16.A. Policy Committee - Mr. Richard Janeway
16.A.1. *Approval of First Reading of Policies
16.A.1.a. Policy 6.3071 Extracurricular Activity Drug Testing
16.A.2. *Approval of Second Reading of Policies
16.A.2.a. Policy 4.403 Reconsideration of Instructional Materials and Textbooks
16.A.2.b. NEW - Policy 4.408 Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Model Aircraft in the Curriculum
16.A.2.c. Policy 4.701 Maintaining Test Security
16.B. Athletic Committee - Mr. David Bowman
16.B.1. *Suspension of Student's Eligibility Rules IV. (2) Student Transfer for FY 2016-2017

Students enrolled at a school out of their zone (their physical residence requires attendance at a school other than the one they attend), and who are not attending such school as a child of an employee of that school, establishes enrollment at that school for the remainder of that school year. If such a student transfers to a different school, in the event of a Bona Fide Change of Residence or otherwise, said student will not become eligible for sports for 12 months after the last sporting event that the student participated.

16.C. Building and Grounds Committee - Ms. Shirley Parris
16.C.1. *Crab Orchard Elementary Septic/Sewer
16.C.1.a. Option 1 - Study of Connecting to Fairfield Glade
16.C.1.b. Option 2 - Negotiation with FECS (Barry Fields)
16.C.2. *Uplands Designs Contract
16.C.3. *Crab Orchard Elementary Outside Classroom and Garden
16.D. Safety Committee - Mr. David Bowman
17. Chief Financial Officer's Report
17.A. Monthly Financial Report
17.B. Monthly Sales Tax Report
17.C. *Line Item Budget Amendment - Central Cafeteria Fund $30,311.00
17.D. *General Purpose School Fund Resolution - CTE $21,000
17.E. *General Purpose School Fund Resolution - SPED $35,000
17.F. *Line Item Budget Amendment - Transportation $7,600
17.G. *General Purpose School Fund Resolution - Multiple Departments
17.H. *General Purpose School Fund Resolution - Pre K Travel $1,825
18. *Consent Agenda
18.A. *Approval of Volunteers
18.B. *Approval of Overnight and Out of State Field Trips
18.B.1. *Cumberland County High School Cheerleaders, Summer Camp at Tennessee Tech - 6/21/16-6/23/16
18.B.2. *Cumberland County High School - Yearbook Officers to Jostens Workshop at Belmont University 6/7/16-6/8/16
18.B.3. *Cumberland County High School Lady Jets - Various Team Camps over the summer
18.B.4. *Stone Elementary Archery Teams World NASP Tournament, Myrtle Beach, SC 6/23/16-6/26/16
18.C. *Approval of Contracts
18.C.1. *Cumberland County High School Lifetouch Photography/Yearbook Agreement 2016-2017
18.C.2. *Ms. Karen Vaden, COTA/L Contract 2016-2017
18.C.3. *Ms.Karyn Henderson, Global Therapies, Inc. Contract 2016-2017
18.C.4. *Martin Elementary - Sheffield Photography Contract 2016-2017
18.C.5. *Cumberland County High School - Jostens Publishing Year Book Contract 2016-2017
18.C.6. *Pine View Elementary - Strawbridge Studios Inc. Portrait Agreement 2016-2017
18.C.7. *Therapy.WorksLLC - Physical Therapy Services Contract 2016-2017
18.C.8. *Stellar Therapy Service Agreement
18.C.9. *South Elementary Lifetouch Photograph/Yearbook Agreement 2016-2017
18.D. *Approval of Grants
18.D.1. *Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) Grant Contract
18.D.2. *FY 2017 IDEA Discretionary Supplement Funds Grant
18.D.3. *IDEA Discretionary Grant for working with children with disabilities
18.D.4. *Pine View Elementary - Dollar General Family Literacy Grant 2016-2017
18.E. *School Wide Fundraisers
18.G. *Executive Approval
18.G.1. *E - Rate
18.G.2. *Pleasant Hill Elementary Inventory Surplus List
19. Old Business
20. Questions from Media
21. Adjournment
22. (*) Indicates Board Approval Required
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