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October 27, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education

1. Call to Order - Mr. Josh Stone
2. Welcome to Visitors - Mr. Josh Stone
3. Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance - Mr. Josh Stone
3.A. Future Farmers of America (FFA), Cumberland County High School - Pledge of Allegiance
4. Special Recognition - Mr. Josh Stone
4.A. Cumberland County High School and Phoenix School Landscaping Class - Mr. Jason Atkinson, Mr. Danny Wilson, and Mr. Kenneth Cope
4.B. Mr. Darren Hammel, Cumberland County High School
5. Roll Call
6. Declaration of Conflict - Mr. Earl Patton
Rationale:  Declarations of Conflict - Per TCA 49-2-202 Board of Education Members who have relatives (per the statue: relative means: Spouse, parent, parent-in-law, child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, or any person who resides in the same household as you) employed by the system are asked to raise your hands to identify yourself. "Do you certify that the votes that you make tonight will be in the best interest of the school system, regardless of the effect that your vote may have upon the employment of your relative or relatives?"
7. *Approval of September 22, 2016 Minutes
8. *Approval of October 4, 2016 Special Called Board Minutes
9. *Approval of October 27, 2016 Agenda
10. Community Comments

Policy 1.404 Appeals to and Appearance Before the Board

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Subject of Presentation
  4. Remarks limited to (3) three minutes, unless extended by the board. 

*The chairman shall have the authority to terminate the remarks of any individual who is disruptive or does not adhere to Board rules.1

TCA 39-17-306

11. Acknowledgement of Elected Officials
12. PTOA Representative - Mr. Rolf Weeks
13. Appointments of Committees for 2016-2017 - Mr. Josh Stone
13.A. Policy Committee - Standing Committee (Required by law)
13.B. K - 8 Athletic Committee
13.C. Budget Committee
13.D. Building and Grounds Committee
13.E. Litigation Committee
13.F. Safety Committee
14. School Board Reports
14.A. TLN Report - Mr. Teresa Boston
15. Board Member(s) Report from Training(s)
16. Legal Report - Mr. Earl Patton
17. *Collaborative Conferencing - Mr. Josh Stone
18. Director's Report - Mrs. Janet Graham
18.A. *North Cumberland and South Cumberland Elementary Roof and Mortar Bids - Mr. Kim Chamberlin
18.B. Crab Orchard Elementary Building Projects - Mr. Kim Chamberlin
18.C. Cumberland County Board of Education Shirts
18.D. *TSBA Code of Ethics Pledge
18.E. TSBA Delegates - Annual Conference (Gaylord)
18.F. *2016 LEA Compliance Report.pdf
18.G. *Family Resources Center Coordinator - Job Description
18.H. *Tennessee School Climate Measurement Package 2016-2017
18.I. FYI
18.I.1. Administrative Meeting Agenda
18.I.3. Personnel Report
18.I.4. Substitute List
18.I.5. Professional Development Report
18.I.6. School News Articles
18.I.7. School Calendar of Events
18.J. Certification of Compliance with Tennessee Code Annotated Section 49-3-310(1)(A)
19. School Board Committees
19.A. Policy Committee
19.A.1. Approval of First Reading of Policies - Executive Committee Approved
19.A.1.a. Policy 5.308 Sabbatical Leave (New Policy)
19.A.1.b. Policy 6.503 Homeless Students - Adopt TSBA's version to replace Cumberland County's Version
19.A.1.c. Policy 4.206 Special Programs
19.A.2. *Approval of Second Reading of Policies
19.A.2.a. *Policy 5.308 Sabbatical Leave (New Policy)
19.A.2.c. *Policy 4.206 Special Programs
20. Chief Financial Officer's Report - Mr. Travis Isaacson
20.A. Monthly Financial Report
20.B. Monthly Sales Tax Report
21. *Consent Agenda
21.B. *Approval of Overnight and Out of State Field Trips
21.B.1. *Stone Memorial High School Band Program - Orlando, FL March 18-21, 2017
21.B.2. *Stone Memorial High School Choir - Young Women in Song & Harmony Music Festival - Nashville, TN 11-18-16 to 11-19-16
21.B.3. *Cumberland County High School Marching Band - 2016 AutoZone Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN 12/27/16-12/31/16
21.B.4. *South Elementary 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip - 5/9/17-5/12/17
21.B.5. *Pleasant Hill Elementary Beta Club - Jr. Beta Convention Nashville, TN 11-21-16 to 11/22/16
21.B.6. *Stone Memorial High School Beta Club - Tennessee State Beta Convention Nashville, TN 11/18/16-11/20/16
21.C. *Approval of Contracts
21.C.1. *Cumberland County Schools Insight - Mr. Travis Isaacson
21.C.2. *ATM Location Agreement - Mr. Travis Isaacson
21.C.3. *Cumberland County School Nutrition Program Bid Specification - Homestead Elementary
21.C.4. *Cumberland County School Nutrition Program Bid Specification - Homestead Elementary (oven/steamer)
21.D. *School Wide Fundraisers
21.D.1. *North Elementary - Scholastic Book Fair
21.F. *Executive Approval
22. Old Business
23. Questions from Media
24. Adjournment
25. (*) Indicates Board Approval Required
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