Public Meeting Agenda: March 28, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education


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March 28, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education Agenda

March 28, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education
1. Call to Order - Mr. Josh Stone
2. Welcome to Visitors - Mr. Josh Stone
3. Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance - Mr. Josh Stone
4. Roll Call
5. Declaration of Conflict - Mr. Earl Patton
Rationale:  Declarations of Conflict - Per TCA 49-2-202 Board of Education Members who have relatives (per the statue: relative means: Spouse, parent, parent-in-law, child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, or any person who resides in the same household as you) employed by the system are asked to raise your hands to identify yourself. "Do you certify that the votes that you make tonight will be in the best interest of the school system, regardless of the effect that your vote may have upon the employment of your relative or relatives?"
6. *Approval of Agenda
7. Facility Use Agreement
8. 10 Year Plan Discussion
9. CCHS Auditorium/Renovations/Bathrooms
10. Portable Classroom Discusion
11. Adjournment
12. Questions from Media
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