Public Meeting Agenda: August 23, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education

August 23, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Agenda

August 23, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education
Call to Order - Mr. David Bowman
Welcome to Visitors - Mr. David Bowman
Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance - Mr. David Bowman- Alexis and Madelyn Young - Crab Orchard Elementary
Special Recognition - Mr. David Bowman, Heather Mullinix - Crossville Chronicle Editor
Outgoing Board Members
Debbie Beaty - Crab Orchard Construction Progress
Roll Call
Declaration of Conflict - Mr. Earl Patton
*Approval of July 26th Minutes
*Approval of Agenda
Community Comments
Building Project Updates - Mr. Kim Chamberlin
CSW Charitable Funds Distribution
School Board Reports
TLN Report - Mr. Robert Safdie
Board Member(s) Report from Training(s)
Legal Report - Mr. Earl Patton
Director's Report - Mrs. Janet Graham
TSBA's Boardsmanship Code of Ethics
TSBA Board of Distinction Checklist
Annual Planning Calendar
*DHA Approval of Members
*Youth Wellness Survey from the DOH
*MOU Between Cumb. Mtn Mental Health & Cumb. Co. Schools
*Strategic Plan
*MOU Project Basic - Martin Elementary
Administrative Meeting Agenda
Attendance Report
Personnel Report
Substitute List
Professional Development Report
School News Articles
School Calendar of Events
School Board Committees
Policy Committee
*Approval of First Reading of Policies
Policy 4.602 Class Ranking
Policy 5.203 Recommendations and File Transfers
Policy 5.200 Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers
Policy 5.201 Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers
Policy 6.200 Attendance
*Approval of Second Reading of Policies
Policy 4.205 College Level Courses
Policy 4.209 Alternative Credit Options
Policy 4.606 Graduation Activities
Policy 3.600 Insurance Management
Policy 4.608 Transcript Alterations
Policy 4.700 Testing Programs
Policy 5.802 Qualifications and Duties of the Director of Schools
Policy 6.300 Code of Behavior and Discipline
Policy 6.309 Zero Tolerance Offenses
Policy 5.106 Application and Employment
Policy 5.118 Background Investigations
Policy 5.305 Family and Medical Leave
Policy 6.409 Child Abuse and Neglect
Policy 6.314 Corporal Punishment
Policy 5.501 Complaints
Budget Committee Meeting
Building and Grounds Committee
*Tare, Inc. Study/Crab Orchard Sewer
Chief Financial Officer's Report
Monthly Financial Report
Monthly Sales Tax Report
Year-End Financial Statement
*E-Rate Consulting Contract
*Consent Agenda
*Approval of Volunteers
CCHS Volunteer List
North Cumberland Elementary Volunteer List
Stone Elementary Volunteer List
South Cumberland Elementary Volunteer List
Pine View Elementary Volunteer List
Brown Elementary Volunteer List
Martin Elementary Volunteer List
Homestead Elementary Volunteer List
Pleasant Hill Elementary Volunteer List
Athletics Volunteer List
Athletics Volunteer List
*Approval of Overnight and Out of State Field Trips
CTE Overnight and Out of Town Trips
SMHS Volleyball Overnight Trip
SMHS Boy's & Girl's Basketball Overnight/Out of State Trip
*Approval of Contracts
Phoenix School/Lifetouch Photo-Yearbook Contract
*Approval of Grants
South Cumberland Elementary. Lowes Toolbox Grant
*School Wide Fundraisers
North Cumberland Elementary School-Wide Fundraiser
Stone Elementary School-Wide Fundraiser
North Cumberland Elementary Book Fair Fundraiser
*Approval of Disposal of Surplus Property
Brown Elementary Surplus List
North Cumberland Elementary Surplus List
Phoenix High School Surplus List
Stone Elementary Surplus List
Crab Orchard Elementary Surplus List
CTE, School Nutrition, General Education Department Surplus List
SMHS Surplus List
Pleasant Hill Elementary Surplus List
*Executive Approval
Old Business
Questions from Media
(*) Indicates Board Approval Required
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