Public Meeting Agenda: December 6, 2012 at 5:00 PM - Putnam County Board of Education December Regular Meeting


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December 6, 2012 at 5:00 PM - Putnam County Board of Education December Regular Meeting Agenda

December 6, 2012 at 5:00 PM - Putnam County Board of Education December Regular Meeting
Meeting Called to Order
Approval of Agenda
Recognize Retired Teachers
Recognize Kattie Nash, Prescott South Elementary teacher, who was selected as this year's recipient of the TSTA K-4 Science Educator of the Year award
Recognize Tennessee Department of Education Upper Cumberland CoRE with an Award Schools Presentation for Baxter Elementary, Capshaw Elementary, and Monterey High schools - Janice Fox, Director
Recognize the following Putnam County School System principals selected for Tennessee Common Core Leadership roles: Michael Meihls - Avery Trace Middle; Bethany Fillers - Cookeville High; Catherine Jones - Prescott South Elementary; and Cindy Taylor - Prescott South Middle.
Identify 2013 Tennessee School Board Association TLN Representative
Note letter dated November 16, 2012, from AdvancED - Tempe, Arizona confirming the dates of February 23 - 26, 2014 for the visit of the AdvancED External Review Team to Putnam County Schools.
Note receipt of letter dated November 14, 2012, from Mary Daniels, Sycamore Elementary School PTO President, with a check in the amount of $12,060 to cover Sycamore PTO's portion of the gym HVAC.
Note January Board Strategic Work Session
Public Reminder of Putnam County's process for school closings and delays due to "Inclement Weather"
Putnam County Central Office will be closed on the following dates: 12/24/12, 12/25/12, 12/31/12, 1/1/13
Approval of Minutes
Regular November Board Meeting - November 1, 2012, @ 5:00 PM, as submitted.
Approval of Consent Agenda
Approval of payment to Moore, Rader, Clift and Fitzpatrick, P.C. - Cookeville, Tennessee for legal services from August 23, 2012, to November 12, 2012, in the amount of $10,496.31 to be paid from 141-72310-331, Legal Services. (General Purpose Schools)
Approval to purchase the Power Announcement alert and mass notification system from Alert Solutions in the amount of $19,543.12 to be paid from 141-72310-307.
Approval of the emergency Insulated Multi-functional Cooker bid for Baxter Elementary School from the lowest and best bidder, Katom - Kodak, Tennessee, as submitted on the bid tally sheet.
Approval of the Transportation Fuel Monitoring System bid from the lowest and best bidder, Pro-Tech Services - Cookeville, Tennessee, as submitted on the bid tally sheet.
Approval of the CTE Finishing Bids and Quotes, as submitted
Finish Materials bid from the following lowest and best bidders: ColorMagic in the amount of $590.85 and Migliores' Carpet in the amount of $6,562.41, as submitted on the bid tally sheet.
Finish Materials Quotes from the following submitted quotes: Lowe's in the amount of $3,295.83; Potter's in the amount of $1,598.71; and Williams Wholesale in the amount of $688.56.
Permission to bid Putnam County Schools Technology Building Addition Project per plans developed by AEI - Cookeville, Tennessee
Budget Amendments/Line Item Transfers
Federal Projects Budget Amendments - Fund 142
Title I (101) to utilize funds more appropriately according to program needs
Special Education - To amend federal grant (18-22 year old diploma class) budget to purchase equipment such as ipads, video and still cameras
General Purpose School Budget Amendments - Fund 141
Capital Projects budgeted from Prescott Sale Funds, as submitted.
To budget receipt of donation for the STEM Platform School project
To correct budget for VOCRE grant to match allocation
General Purpose School Line Item Transfers - Fund 141
CSHP - To budget $2,350.00 to purchase computer for nurses
Special Education - To better expend SPED allocation for staff development and to purchase supplies
Special Education - To correct allocation for SPED bus attendants
Approval of Out-of-County & Overnight Trip Report (None Submitted)
Approval of Grant Report, as submitted.
Approval of Family Life Curriculum, as submitted.
Approval to enter into a contract with Stellar Therapy Services, LLC - Chattanooga, Tennessee, as submitted.
Approval to rescind the payroll procedure, Sick Leave Transfers, approved on September 11, 1997, and approve the new payroll procedure, as submitted.
Approval of the Tennessee Department of Education First to the Top 2012 LEA Compliance Report, as submitted.
Approval of the Memorandum of Understanding between New Leaders, Inc. and Putnam County School System, as submitted.
Building Projects Discussion & Approval of Payments/Purchases
New Baxter Middle School Project Update
Payment to redChair: architects - Knoxville, Tennessee
New Monterey High School Project Update
Proposal from Resolutions, Inc.
Payment to redChair: Architects - Knoxville, Tennessee
Proposal from GEOServices, LLC - Lebanon, Tennessee
Burks Middle School Addition Project
Payment to Upland Design Group, Inc. - Crossville, Tennessee
Payment to Mid-State Construction Company - Livingston, Tennessee
Release of all remaining retainage
Approval to close American Bank & Trust account
Algood Middle School
Request from Algood Middle School Baseball Team to place bleachers on visitors side of baseball field
Policy 3.500, Food Service Management, on second and final reading, as submitted.
Procedural Guidelines for Food Service Management, as submitted.
Policy 5.801, Director of Schools Recruitment and Selection, on second and final reading, as submitted.
Presentation, Discussion and/or Action
Discuss proposal from Life Church (previously Cookeville First Assembly) to purchase referenced school property
Director's Performance Evaluation
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