Public Meeting Agenda: February 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting


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February 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

February 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting
Call to Order
Approval of the Agenda
Recommended Motion(s):  Motion to approve the agenda Passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
Motion to approve the agenda Passed with a motion by Mr. Dan Wells and a second by Mrs. Jane Thomas.
  • Mr. Jerry Greene: Yes
  • Mr. Michael Hughes: Yes
  • Mr. Mark Ireson: Yes
  • Mr. Randall Jones: Yes
  • Mr. Matthew Spivey: Yes
  • Mrs. Jane Thomas: Yes
  • Mr. Dan Wells: Yes
No Action(s) have been added to this Agenda Item.
Consent Agenda
Meeting Minutes from January 9, 2017 Meeting
Field Trip Requests
Disposition of Materials
Copier Lease Agreement - Indian Springs
Public Comment
Communications to the Board
Director's Comments
Board Chairman Comments
Unfinished Business
Policy 4.207 English Learners - Adoption on 2nd Reading
Rationale:  This policy has been re-titled and revised to align with ESSA. Under ESSA, students for whom English is a second language are no longer referred to as ESL students. Instead, these students are referred to as English learners or ELs. Additionally, districts must ensure that parental notification requirements are met. 

Facilities Update
County/City Transfer of Property Agreement
New Business
Policy 3.500 Food Service Management


This policy was revised to incorporate a meal charging provision that complies with new information released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We have also added a provision regarding the option for students with disabilities to request meal modifications. It is particularly important to note the parent/guardian notification requirements in this policy. 

Policy 6.313 Discipline Procedures
Rationale:  Page 3, line 8 of this policy was modified to more closely align with the language required by federal law. This policy now lists "Use, possession, sale, and/or distribution of tobacco, drugs, and/or alcohol” as an offense. Some systems have policies that deal with tobacco separately. However, including all of these offenses in one policy makes it clear that the district is in compliance with the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, 20 USC § 7114.

Policy 6.505 Foster Care
Rationale:  This is a new policy that we developed in response to ESSA's amendment of the McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act. Previously, students in foster care were treated similarly to homeless students. After these new amendments, however, there are separate processes governing the placement and transportation of students in foster care or students awaiting foster care placement.

2017-2018 Work Ethic Diploma
Federal Projects Amendment
GPS Fund Amendment
IDEA Discretionary Budget
Naming Facilities
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