Public Meeting Agenda: February 15, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Williamson County Board Work Session

February 15, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Williamson County Board Work Session Agenda

February 15, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Williamson County Board Work Session
1. Consent Agenda
1.a. January 18, 2018 School Board Meeting Minutes
1.b. Fieldtrip Fee Request (5 Min)
1.c. Fairview High School Replacement of Softball and Baseball Scoreboards (5 min)
1.d. Nolensville High School Softball Storage Shed (5 min)
1.e. Page High School Cafeteria Lease with DailyChurch, Inc. (5 min)
1.f. Ravenwood High School Install Storage Shed at Practice Football Field (5 min)
2. Superintendent's Report (25 min)
2.a. Strategic Plan Update
3. Operations Report (10 min)
3.a. Staffing and Construction Update
4. Board Chairman's Report (10 min)
4.a. Board Budget Work Session - February 24, 2018
4.b. TSBA 2018 SCOPE (Student Congress on Policies in Education)
5. New Business
5.a. 2017-2018 School Board Budget (15 min)
5.a.I. General Purpose School Fund Intra-Category Transfer-Human Resource Department
5.a.II. Central Cafeteria Fund Amendment - Cafeteria Needs
5.a.III. Extended School Program Fund Amendment - United Way ESP Grant
5.a.IV. Intent to Fund Resolution - Buses
5.a.V. Intent to Fund Resolution - Land
5.a.VI. Intent to Fund Resolution - Central Elementary School
5.a.VII. Intent to Fund Resolution - Central Middle School Sewer
5.a.VIII. Intent to Fund Resolution - Grassland Middle and Sunset Middle School Auditoriums
5.a.IX. Intent to Fund Resolution - Independence High School Addition
5.a.X. Intent to Fund Resolution - Fairview Middle School Renovation
5.a.XI. Intent to Fund Resolution - Asphalt and Roofing Projects
5.b. Adoption and Approval of Superintendent Goals (10 min)
5.c. Family Tuition Rate 2018-2019 (10 min)
5.d. Open Zoned Schools 2018-2019 (10 min)
5.e. School Fees 2018-2019 (10 min)
5.f. Board Policies - First Reading (15 min)
5.f.I. 5.106 Hiring
5.f.II. 6.304 Anti-Harassment
5.f.III. New - Online Learning
6. Monthly Reports & Miscellaneous Information
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