Public Meeting Agenda: September 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

September 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

September 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting
Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of Silence
Birth to 5 Presentation
Go USA-MCS Partnership for Attendance Video to be presented
Minutes: Board Meeting August 22, 2017
Approval of School Fees
2nd Reading of Board Policies
Board Policy 5.100 Personnel Goals
Board Policy 5.104 Equal Opportunity Employment: Rescinds PER 5 (PER 43 is included in this policy)
Board Policy 5.105 Recruitment of Employees
Board Policy 5.106 Application and Employment: Rescinds PER 8, PER 11, PER 14
Board Policy 5.108 Supervision
Board Policy 5.109 Evaluation: Rescinds PER 17
Board Policy 5.110 Compensation Guides and Contracts
Board Policy 5.113 Professional Growth and Development: Rescinds BO 19, PER 18, and IS 1
Board Policy 5.114 Personnel Records: Rescinds PER 22
Board Policy 5.1141 Teacher Effect Data (TVAAS): Rescinds PER 3
Board Policy 5.115 Assignment/Transfer: Rescinds PER 21
Board Policy 5.117 Tenure and Non-Tenure: Rescinds PER 16
Board Policy 5.118 Background Investigations
Board Policy 5.119 Collaborative Conferencing: Rescinds BO 51
Board Policy 5.200 Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers: Rescinds PER 39
Board Policy 5.201 Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers: Rescinds PER 41
Board Policy 5.202 Separation Practices for Non-Certified Employees
Board Policy 5.301 Emergency and Legal Leave
Board Policy 5.302 Sick Leave: Rescinds PER 25 and PER 26
Board Policy 5.303 Personal and Professional Leave: Rescinds PER 20
Board Policy 5.304 Long-Term Leaves of Absence for Certified Personnel: Rescinds PER 19
Board Policy 5.305 Family and Medical Leave: Rescinds PER 38
Board Policy 5.306 Military Leave
Board Policy 5.307 Physical Assault Leave
Board Policy 5.309 Legislative Leave
1st Reading of Board Policies
Board Policy 5.310 Vacations and Holidays: Rescinds PER 29
Board Policy 5.401 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS): Rescinds PER 13
Board Policy 5.402 Hepatitis B (HBV): Rescinds PER 34
Board Policy 5.500 Discrimination/Harassment of Employees (Sexual, Racial, Ethnic, and Religious): Rescinds PER 35
Board Policy 5.501 Complaints and Grievances: Rescinds PER 28 and PER 4
Board Policy 5.600 Staff Rights and Responsibilities: Rescinds PER 6
Board Policy 5.601 Conflict of Interest: Rescinds PER 7
Board Policy 5.602 Staff Time Schedules
Board Policy 5.603 Staff Meetings: Rescinds PER 1
Board Policy 5.605 Staff Gifts and Solicitations: Rescinds BO 34
Board Policy 5.606 Political Activities
Board Policy 5.800 Director of Schools: Rescinds BO 17
Discussion of AdvancEd
Enrollment (PTR) Report
Personnel Report
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