Public Meeting Agenda: December 13, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Board Meeting - Quarterly Session

December 13, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Board Meeting - Quarterly Session Agenda

December 13, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Board Meeting - Quarterly Session
Roll Call
**Approval of the Agenda
Moment of Silence in Memory of Everett Fairchild, form Board Member and longtime educator
Pledge to the Flag and Meditation - Mr. Steve Henry, Principal of Soddy Daisy High School
Exemplars of Excellence
Recognition of Hamilton Shines Art Contest Winners - Jill Levine, Chief of Opportunity Zone; Saunya Goss – Director, Opportunity Zone - Elementary; Zac Brown - Director, Opportunity Zone - Secondary; Dr. John Tharpe – Executive Director, Harrison Bay Community
Future Ready 2023 Monthly Update Engaged Community - Dr. Nakia Towns Edwards and Tim Hensley
Jeanette Omarkhail, HCEA
Carrie Bishop and Jennifer Semanco - Share Experiences as classroom teachers with TNReady
David Sneed, Teacher and Parent at Soddy Daisy High - Thank you to HCDE
Elizabeth Baker, SMMHS Parent - Regarding road conditions when there is a weather delay
**Approval of the Minutes of the November 8, 2018 Special Called Session
**Approval of the Minutes of the November 15, 2018 Regular Session
**Approval of the Consent Agenda
Executive Committee Report
Chief Schools Officer - Dr. Justin Robertson
Field Trips
Dr. Larrie Reynolds and Dr. Robert Sharpe – Executive Directors (8)
Dr. Neelie Parker and Dr. John Tharp, Executive Directors (4)
John Maynard, Director of College, Career and Technical Education (1)
Garfield Adams, Director Exceptional Education (1)
Chief Financial Officer - Christie Jordan
Financial Reports
Budget Amendments
Federal Grants and Self-Funded Programs
CLASS Retainer Agreement with Millsaps Gowan Government Relations
Appropriation of Fund Balance Committed for Telecommunications
Chief Equity Officer - Dr. Marsha Drake
First Quarter Bullying Compliance Report - STARS/Safe Learning - Karen Glenn
Chief of Staff - Dr. Nakia Towns Edwards
Board Policies - First Reading
Board Policy 3.400 - Student Transportation Management
Board Policy 3.403 - Traffic and Parking Controls
Request for New Grant-Funded Positions - Jill Levine, Chief of Opportunity Zone; Preston Gonter, Director of Federal Programs
Administrative Business Matters
Director of Maintenance and Operations - Justin Witt
**RFP For Building Assessments-Bid File (19-14)
**RFP Existing Capacity and Future Growth Study-Bid File (19-16)
**Howard High School Track & Field Complex
Chief of Staff - Dr. Nakia Towns Edwards
Board Policies - Second and Final Reading
**Board Policy 3.500 Food Service Management
**Board Policy 4.200 Curriculum Development
**Board Policy 4.201 Basic Program
**Board Policy 4.202 Exceptional Education
**Board Policy 4.203 Federal Programs
**Board Policy 4.204 Career and Technical Education
**Board Policy 4.206 Early Post-Secondary Opportunities
**Board Policy 4.207 Supplementary Programs
**Board Policy 4.211 Work-based Learning Program
**Board Policy 4.300 Extra Curricular Activities
**Board Policy 4.402 Selection of Instructional Materials (Other than Textbooks)
**Board Policy 4.403 Reconsideration of Instructional Materials and Textbooks
**Board Policy 4.404 Use of Copyrighted and Licensed Materials
**Board Policy 4.407 Audio, Video and Digital Recordings
**Board Policy 4.602 Reporting Student Progress
**Board Policy 4.607 Graduation Activities
**Board Policy 4.609 Promotion and Retention K-8
Board Matters
Chief of Schools - Dr. Justin Robertson
**Textbook Adoption Committees
**Open Enrollment Request - Jill Levine, Chief of Opportunity Zone Dr. Justin Robertson, Chief Schools Officer
John Maynard, Director of CTE
**Agreement between Chattanooga State TCAT and HCDE for the temporary use of the Hamilton County High Building
**Request for School Name Approval - Jill Levine, Chief of Opportunity Zone; Dr. Zac Brown, Director of Opportunity Zone-Secondary; Mardee Miller, Transition Coordinator
Information Only
Legal Services Report
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