Public Meeting Agenda: January 17, 2019 at 5:30 PM - Board Meeting - Regular Session

January 17, 2019 at 5:30 PM - Board Meeting - Regular Session Agenda

January 17, 2019 at 5:30 PM - Board Meeting - Regular Session
Roll Call
**Approval of the Agenda
Executive Session - No
Pledge to the Flag and Meditation - Dr. Shane Harwood, Principal of Signal Mountain Middle/High School
Exemplars Excellence
Recognition of Substitute Teachers with Perfect Attendance - Keith Fogleman, Chief Talent Officer and Angelia Askins, Director
Jeanette Omarkhail, HCEA
Future Ready 2023 Monthly Update
Great Teachers and Leaders - Keith Fogleman, Chief Talent Officer
**Approval of the Minutes of the December 13, 2018 Quarterly Session
**Approval of the Consent Agenda
Executive Committee Report
Chief Schools Officer - Dr. Justin Robertson
Field Trips
Dr. Larrie Reynolds and Dr. Robert Sharpe – Executive Directors (11)
Dr. Neelie Parker and Dr. John Tharp, Executive Directors (6)
Garfield Adams, Director of Exceptional Education (2)
John Maynard, Director of College, Career, and Technical Education (2)
Chief Financial Officer - Christie Jordan
Financial Reports
Budget Amendments
Federal Grants and Self-Funded Programs
FY 19 General Purpose Budget Mid-Year True Up Amendment
Administrative Business Matters
Chief Financial Officer - Christie Jordan
**Recommendation to use Knox County Contract No. 17-781 for Procurement Card Services - Brent Goldberg, Chief Business Officer
Chief of Staff - Dr. Nakia Towns Edwards
**Request for New Grant-Funded Position - Dr. Marsha Drake, Chief Equity Officer; Keith Fogleman, Chief Talent Officer; Preston Gonter, Director of Federal Programs
Board Policies - First and Final Reading
**Board Policy 2.800 - Expenditure of Funds
**Board Policy 2.808 - Purchase Orders and Contracts
**Board Policy 6.701 - Student Solicitations/Fundraising Activities
Chief Operating Officer - Dr. Ken Bradshaw
**Agreement between City of Chattanooga and HCDE for use of space at the Southside Youth and Family Development Center to host the Howard High Transition Academy
Justin Witt, Director of Operations and Maintenance
** New East Hamilton Middle School County Project #18-07-01.01
Board Matters
Board Legislative Priorities 2019 (Draft) - Jenny Hill
Information Only
Legal Services Report
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