Public Meeting Agenda: February 21, 2019 at 5:00 PM - Board Meeting - Regular Session

February 21, 2019 at 5:00 PM - Board Meeting - Regular Session Agenda

February 21, 2019 at 5:00 PM - Board Meeting - Regular Session
Roll Call
**Approval of the Agenda
Executive Session
Pledge to the Flag and Meditation - Amy Myhan, Assistant Principal of Sequoyah High
Exemplars of Excellence
Presentation of Check to Cover Stipends for Robotics Coaches - Charley Spencer
Rachel Turner, Social Studies Content Lead - Recognition of Award Winning Social Studies Teachers
Theresa Turner on behalf of HCEA
Alison Anderson - Speaking about the review of the code of conduct and the school discipline environment
Future Ready 2023 Update - Future Ready Students/Future Ready Institutes - Blake Freeman
**Approval of the Minutes of the January 17, 2019 Regular Session
**Approval of the Consent Agenda
Executive Committee Report
Chief Schools Officer - Dr. Justin Robertson
Field Trips
Dr. Larrie Reynolds and Dr. Robert Sharpe – Executive Directors (12)
Dr. Neelie Parker and Dr. John Tharp, Executive Directors (11)
John Maynard, Director of College, Career and Technical Education (3)
Garfield Adams, Director of Exception Education (2)
Jill Levine, Chief of Opportunity Zone; Dr. Zac Brown, Director of Secondary Schools; Dr. LeAndrea Ware, Executive Principal (2)
Chief Financial Officer - Christie Jordan
Financial Reports
Budget Amendments
Federal Grants and Self-Funded Programs
Approval of Funds - JP Morgan Donation for Advanced Manufacturing and Future Ready Institutes
Suntrust Bank Procurement Card Services Contract
Chief Equity Officer - Dr. Marsha Drake
First Semester Bullying Compliance Report - Karen Glenn, STARS/Safe Learning
Chief of Staff - Dr. Nakia Towns Edwards
Board Policies - First Reading
Remove Only Policy 5.607 - Non-School Employement
Board Matters
Chief Operations Officer - Dr. Ken Bradshaw
**Approval of Proposed Zones for Snow Hill Elementary and Ooltewah Elementary - Ben Coulter, Director of Information Technology
**Chief Schools Officer - Dr. Justin Robertson - Hamilton County High School - Remove State Number
Information Only
Legal Services Report
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