Public Meeting Agenda: May 6, 2013 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting Agenda


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May 6, 2013 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting Agenda Agenda

May 6, 2013 at 6:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting Agenda
A. Routine Business
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
A.1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Alicia Richards
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
A.2. Roll Call
Speaker(s):  Acting Secretary
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
A.3. Excused Absences
Speaker(s):  Alicia Richards
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
Rationale:  A motion will be necessary if a member of the elected Board is absent.
A.4. Open Meetings Law
Speaker(s):  Alicia Richards
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
Rationale:  The Bellevue Board of Education abides by the Nebraska Open Meetings Law.  A copy of the law is posted on the wall of our Board room.
A.5. Pledge of Allegiance
Speaker(s):  Alicia Richards
Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
B. School Improvement Report
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
B.1. Twin Ridge Elementary School Improvement Report
Speaker(s):  Laurie Hanna
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Rationale:  As a part of the AdvancED District Accreditation process and in accordance with Nebraska Rule 10, each school building in the Bellevue Public Schools must participate in an ongoing, continuous school improvement process. School staff analyze student performance data to plan and implement strategies to continually move the school toward improvement and increased student performance levels.

Tonight, Twin Ridge Elementary School Principal Arlana Whitney and members of the Twin Ridge staff will present some of the structures, strategies, and activities they are implementing in their building's ongoing school improvement process.
C. Consent Agenda
Speaker(s):  Alicia Richards
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Agenda
Rationale:  Approve by consent items in section C and D of the Agenda identified with an asterisk  and receive the information and proposals in sections E and F identified with an asterisk.
C.1. *Approval of Minutes
Speaker(s):  Amanda Oliver
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  The Minutes of the April 8, 2013, Board of Education meeting were sent to all members of the Board of Education for review. 
C.2. *Treasurer's Report
Speaker(s):  Susan Brooks
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  Acknowledge receipt of the Treasurer's Report for April, 2013.
C.3. *Payment of Claims
Speaker(s):  Jeff Rippe
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  Approve the payment of claims totaling $2,431,643.94.
C.4. *Release from Contract
Speaker(s):  Sharra Smith
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  Release (1) Marvin Alff, (2) Chrystal Hambek, (3) Melba Hooker, (4) Melanie Hudgens, (5) Karrie Kemper, (6) Janeen Kollar, (7) Brooke Krakow, (8) Jessyca Livers, (9) Jon Mauro, (10) Bradley Nord, (11) Julie Olpin, and (12) Elicia Ross from their contracts effective May 23, 2013, and (13) Dawn DeTurk, (14) Laura Jackson, and (15) Gregory Lamberty from their contracts effective June 30, 2013.
C.5. *Election of New Teachers
Speaker(s):  Sharra Smith
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  Elect (1) Allison Bergland, (2) Karen Bowen, (3) Andrea Clark, (4) Diane Crouch, (5) Gabriel Early, (6) Amber Holloway, (7) Julie Katt, (8) Blake Lewis, (9) Roxi Monlux, (10) Christine Ritta, (11) Shawn Semler, (12) Rebecca Smith, (13) Aimee Valentine, and (14) Stephen Vanderhoof to the certified staff for the 2013-2014 school year effective August 8, 2013, subject to their release from any contractual agreements with other school districts.
D. Action Items
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
D.1. Boiler Bids - Two Elementary Schools
Speaker(s):  Jeff Rippe
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
Rationale:  To maintain an atmosphere conducive for learning, it is important to ensure proper temperature control in classrooms and offices.  Bellevue Public Schools has an aggressive preventive maintenance program which helps to extend the service life of our boilers.

Bertha Barber and LeMay have boilers that have exceeded their life expectancy and are inefficient resulting in uneven temperature fluctuations throughout the building and/or excessive expenditure for repairs.

Ralph Gladbach of GP Architecture LLC and Justin Veik of Engineering Technologies collaborated on behalf of Bellevue Public Schools to solicit bids for high efficiency boilers to replace the 1967 and 1977 boilers at LeMay and Bertha Barber respectively.

Competitive bids were received from four different contractors.  Plibrico Co. was the lowest bidder for each school.

Attached is a bid sheet containing all bids received.
D.2. *Learning Community District Contract Template
Speaker(s):  Kim Bodensteiner
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  The Learning Community staff are working to standardize their district contracts for programming agreements.  The primary difference between the original Bellevue contract and the standard district contract is 'ELC Center' language included in the original agreement.    Rather than establishing a separate ELC facility in Bellevue, this is currently addressed on site through our satellite program.

Pat Sullivan, School Attorney, has reviewed both documents and reported no concerns with the standard district contract proposed by the Learning Community staff.

Attached are the original ELC Service Agreement-July 2011, and the proposed ELC Programming Agreement-District Standard Form-April 2013.
D.3. Resignation from the Board of Education
Speaker(s):  Frank Harwqood
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
Rationale:  Due to business and family obligations, Alicia Richards has submitted her resignation from the Bellevue Public Schools' Board of Education effective May 28, 2013.

Discussion will be held to determine the procedure to be used to fill a vacancy on the Board.

Attached is a letter of resignation from Mrs. Richards.
D.4. Board Check Signature Resolution
Speaker(s):  Frank Harwood
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
Rationale:  With the resignation of our Board President from the Board of Education, it is recommended that all warrants of the District issued in the months of June and July of this year which bear the facsimile signatures of the officers authorized during the immediate preceding term of office by this Board to sign and validate warrants of the District be ratified, confirmed, and validated.
E. Commendations
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
E.1. *Bellevue Teams Competed at FLL-State Robotics
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  The First Lego League (FLL) started in 1998 with a pilot season and this year marks the 15th year of competition. There are over 16,000 teams that participate in FLL around the world and about 100 teams competed in this year’s Nebraska First Lego League Competition at the SAC Museum.  Bellevue and Fairview Elementary Schools had teams qualify and compete in the state tournament this year.

The Fairview Elementary Robotics team, “Fighting Firebirds,” was awarded the Inspiration Award.  The team is coached by Garrett Sims and Megan Kinen.

The Inspiration Award celebrates a team that is empowered by their FLL experience and displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit... a team that is able to accomplish more together than they could as individuals through shared goals, strong communication, effective problem solving, and excellent time management.... a team whose members show each other and other teams respect at all times. They recognize that both friendly competition and mutual gain are possible, both on and off the playing field.

The Bellevue Elementary Robotics Team scored 14th out of 48 teams in the Robot Game with a team best/season high for points with their autonomous robot.  The team is coached by Darin Toelle and Tim Kruger.
E.2. *Bellevue East and West Shine in 2013 State DECA Career Development Conference
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item

Over 1,000 students competed at the State DECA Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, on March 14-16 for the honor of representing the State of Nebraska at the International Career Development Conference held this year in Anaheim, California, on April 22-28.

Bellevue West had 124 members compete and Bellevue East had 62. There were 35 Bellevue West students and 20 Bellevue East students qualify for this year’s national conference. The T-Birds netted 4 first place awards, 9 second, and 6 third place trophies. The Chieftains brought home 1 first place award, 3 second, and 2 third place trophies.   

Bellevue West Results:

1st place

Sarah Bethel and Jessica Stednitz – Business Services Operations Research
Aaron Seals, Brad Brazeal, and Sierra Kimel – International Business Plan
Garrett Schaeffer, JaChaun Laravie, and Megan Klostermeyer – Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research
Taylor Kuhlman, Chrissi Beaulieu, and Jennifer Castellano – Entrepreneurship Promotion Project

2nd place

Kate Radosta and Jaycee Stephens – Public Relations Project
Christine Schafer and Brianna Thomas- Advertising Campaign
Kyle Ofe, Joe Messina, and Kate Liveringhouse – Business Services Operations Research
Jordan Kelly – Entrepreneurship Participating
Jacob Mizener, Luke Edwards, and Courtney Nunes – Financial Literacy Promotion Plan
Krehauna Dotzler, Kim Smith, and Kiley Spurgeon – Learn and Earn Project
Kate Radosta and Jaycee Stephens – Marketing Communications Team Decision Making
Taylor Kuhlman and James Teutschmann – Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
Chrissi Beaulieu – Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series

3rd place

Kayleigh Oxford, James Teutschmann, and Derrison Tellez – Community Service Project
Allison Stednitz and Jack Glover – Financial Literacy Promotion Project
Courtney Smith, Samantha Suponchick, and Serena Cowgill – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research
Jamie Waddington and Robert Dusek – Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
Khanner Schliesman – Entrepreneurship Participating – Franchising Business
Brad Brazeal and Kate Liveringhouse – Sports Marketing Team Decision Making

Highlights: Co-Advisor of the Bellevue West DECA chapter, Gogi Supenski, was awarded DECA Advisor of the Year.  Supenski has been an advisor for Bellevue West DECA for five years now and executes most of the behind-the-scenes work that is the glue to the T-bird DECA chapter. 

Bellevue East Results:

1st place

Beau Marth, Megan Manheim, and Justine Cruze - Community Service Project

2nd place

Danielle Milos, Jesse Koskovich, and Hunter Amoruso - Creative Marketing Project
Beau Marth - Restaurant and Food Service
Preston Barrett and Chris Murphy - Sports and Entertainment Team Decision Making

3rd place

Sydney McCaw, Chris Murphy, and Preston Barrett - Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan
Ethan McGahan - Professional Selling Event

Scholarship Recipients:

Bob Foehlinger - Junior Leadership Development
Kourtney Chewning
Madison Vogel
Callie Hensel
Peyton Hagen

Senior Scholarship Winners

Jessica Vernon
Nicole Bartlett
Allison Lariviere


Bellevue East also won Chapter of the Year for Nebraska, which adds three qualifiers - Morgan McCaw, Andrew Gelb, and Jessica Hofmann.

Brent Gehring was awarded the Nebraska Association of Marketing Education - Outstanding Marketing Educator.

E.3. *Bellevue East and West FBLA - State Conference
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item

Bellevue East and West FBLA students competed at the State Leadership Conference April 4-6, 2013, at the Ramada Inn Convention Center in Omaha.  Over 2,500 FBLA members and advisers from across the state attended. Those who received a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish will represent Nebraska June 27 – July 1, at the FBLA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Bellevue East Results:

Top 8 Awards:
Community Service Project – Sam Scamfer, Miranda Keeler, and Callie Hensel – 1st Place
Public Speaking I – Colin Hensel – 1st Place
Digital Design and Promotion – Callen Hedglen and Scott Hedglen – 1st Place
Management Information Systems – Ryan Brink and Blaine Johnson – 4th Place
Technology Concepts – Ryan Brink – 5th PlacNetwork Design – Ryan Brink – 5th Place
Management Information Systems – John Hollandsworth, Steven Ybay, and Tyler Andahl – 7th Place

Honorable mention:

Job Interview – Eli West, Sam Scamfer, Leila Tatby, and Callen Hedglen

Bellevue West Results:

Top 8 Awards:
Cyber Security – Brandon Franklin – 1st Place
Public Speaking II – Loriana Harkey – 2nd Place
FBLA Principles and Procedures – Debra Seeley – 2nd Place
Accounting II – Aaron Estrada – 2nd Place
Computer Problem Solving – Brandon Franklin – 3rd Place
Partnership with Business Project – Lizzie Hudson, Nayeli Hernandez and Will Secrist – 3rd Place
Business Plan – Kate Radosta and Kayleigh Oxford – 3rd Place
Job Interview Finalist – Brittany Ward – 4th Place
Accounting II – Jessica Stednitz – 5th Place
Marketing – Kendrik Dalia, Edward Mendoza and Juan Garcia – 6th Place
American Enterprise Project – Shannon Barber, Megan Klostermeyer and Jessica Stednitz – 6th Place
Digital Video Production – Brianna Tonn, Kendra Cain and Courtney Smith – 7th Place
Technology Concepts – Brandon Franklin – 8th Place

Top 4% in their category and honorable mention:

Business Calculations – Aaron Estrada
Business Communication – Tanner Wiebelhaus
Business Procedures – Shannon Barber
FBLA Principles and Procedures – Cristian Perdomo and Leah Van Voorhis
Hospitality Management - Shannon Barber
Introduction to Business – Leah Van Voorhis
Job Interview- Shannon Barber and Jessica Stednitz
Personal Finance – Megan Klostermeyer

E.4. *SkillsUSA 2013 Conference
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  SkillsUSA Nebraska, a Nebraska Department of Education student organization, recently recognized award winners and elected new officers during its 2013 conference in Hastings.  About 1,500 people attended the conference, including 1,200 high school and college and technical students and advisors.

Students participated in 90 hands-on skill and leadership contests.  First place winners qualify for the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Championships Conference, June 24 - 28, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Steven Whitfield of Bellevue West High School took 3rd place in Mobile Electronics Installation.
E.5. *Belleaire Elementary Student Competed in Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  Belleaire Elementary School student, Emma Rose Crews, was named a State Grade-Level Winner in this year's Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest.

Over 285,000 students participated in this year's contest.  As a State Grade-Level Winner, Emma became eligible to compete for a National Grade-Level Winner title.  Students who advance beyond that stage of the contest will then be entered to compete for a Grand National Grade-Level Champion title.
E.6. *Adult Education Instructor Selected for OER STEM Science Group
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  Bellevue Public Schools Adult Education Instructor, Jim Millard, was selected for the OER STEM Science Group (one of twelve in the nation),which is evaluating Open Education Resources (OER) to support the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to low literate adult learners.
F. Information Items
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
F.1. BEA Update
Speaker(s):  Stephanie Cain
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Rationale:  Stephanie Cain, BEA President, will update the Board on some of the BEA Awards at the state level and share the STRONG program from NSEA (strong communities, schools, and staff).
F.2. Bellevue Public Schools' Adult Education Program
Speaker(s):  Maureen McNamara
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Rationale:  Following the May 4, 2013, Adult Education Program graduation ceremony, the Board will be provided information about the history and current status of adult education programs in Bellevue Public Schools.
F.3. Board Policies for Review
Speaker(s):  Frank Harwood
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Rationale:  Attached is revised Board Policy 201.01, Purpose and Role of the Board, with proposed revisions.  This policy is submitted for review tonight with approval scheduled for the June Board of Education meeting.

Also attached are Board Policies 201.04, Absence on the School Board; 201.06, Vacancies; and 202.01, Ethics.  These policies are for review tonight and any changes will be brought back to the June Board of Education meeting.
F.4. *Graduation Ceremonies
Speaker(s):  Frank Harwood
Agenda Item Type:  Consent Item
Rationale:  Bellevue Public Schools will hold three graduation ceremonies in May.  The Adult Education ceremony was held on Saturday, May 4.

Bellevue East and Bellevue West High Schools' ceremonies will be held on Saturday, May 25, 9:30 a.m., at their respective schools.  The Bellevue East and West ceremonies will be broadcast live on the District website,, and will be available on-demand on the District website later in the day on May 25.  Bellevue Public Schools is making this service available to address our military parents that are deployed as well as many relatives that are unable to travel to see their loved ones graduate.
G. Learning Community
Speaker(s):  Nina Wolford
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Rationale:  An oral report will be provided on the recent meetings of the Learning Community.
H. Public Comment Period
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Rationale:  None
I. Board of Education Member Reports on Meetings They Have Attended
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
J. Future Business
Speaker(s):  Alicia Richards
Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
Rationale:  May 7, District Retirement Tea, Bellevue West, 3:30 pm

May 9, First Annual Foundation Breakfast, Lied Activity Center, 7:00 am

May 25, Bellevue East and West Graduation Ceremonies, 9:30 am

June 3, Board of Education Meeting, Welcome Center, 6:30 pm
K. Executive Session
Speaker(s):  Alicia Richards
Agenda Item Type:  Action Item
Rationale:  Adjourn to executive session to consider matters relating to strategy sessions with respect to collective bargaining and personnel which are necessary to be considered in closed session for the protection of the public interest and for the needless injury to the reputation of an individual.
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