Public Meeting Agenda: July 15, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting


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July 15, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

July 15, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order
Rationale:  The Norfolk Public School District's board of education meeting is called to order.  At some point in the meeting, the Board of Education will briefly adjourn for a meal and will reconvene the meeting immediately following. No school board business or discussion will be conducted during this time.
1.1. Pledge of Allegiance
Rationale:  Please stand and join us in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
1.2. Roll Call
Rationale:  If any board member is absent, there will need to be a  motion to excuse the absence.
1.3. Vision/Mission/Strategic Goals of the Norfolk Public School District

It is the vision of the Norfolk Public Schools to actively engage all students in learning
through a relevant and comprehensive standards-based curriculum that integrates
 21st century skills, tools, context, and assessments.

    • Goal #1:  All students will succeed at each grade level and graduate from high school well-prepared for a variety of post-secondary pursuits.

    • Goal #2:  All students will feel connected with the school and the learning process.

    • Goal #3:  District resources, programs, and departments will be aligned to attain high levels of student achievement and instructional excellence.

    • Goal #4:  The community will be engaged to support high levels of student achievement.

      The mission of the Norfolk Public Schools is to prepare studentswith the skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of a complex, global society.






































        1.4. Declaration of a Legal Meeting
        2. Amendments to Agenda/Approval of Consent Agenda Items
        Recommended Motion(s):  Motion to approve the Consent Agenda Motion passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
        2.1. Minutes of Previous Meetings
        • June 10, 2013 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
        • June 27, 2013 Second Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
        2.2. Personnel
        2.2.1. Contract Approval
        1. Rebecca Bahnfleth - 0.5 FTE Special Education at Norfolk Senior High
        2. Eric Brandl - Business Teacher at Norfolk Senior High
        3. Angela Beltz - Third Grade Teacher at Jefferson Elementary
        4. Jessica Zelfel - Special Education Teacher at Norfolk Senior High
        2.2.2. Resignations
        2.3. Signature Approval for Federal Programs & Grants
        Recommend approval of the signature of the Associate Superintendent for Student Services  (Doug Witte) for all Federal Grants and Programs and the signature of the Director of Business Services (Bill Robinson) for the Federal Lunch Program for the 2013-2014 school year.
        2.4. Claims
        3. Presentations, Special Recognition, Focus on Students
        3.1. Award for Excellence
        Rationale:  Item to reconvene after the start of the 2013-2014 school year in August.
        3.2. Focus on Students/Best of the Best
        Rationale:  Item to reconvene after the start of the 2013-2014 school year in August.
        4. Public Comments & Communication
        Rationale:  This is the time during the board meeting when the public may request to address the board regarding an agenda item. If you wish to comment, we ask that you identify yourself and indicate the agenda item to which you will be speaking.
        5. Information and Discussion Items
        5.1. Financial Report
        Rationale:  The total amount of bills approved in the consent agenda for the month of June, 2013 by specific fund are as follows:

        General Fund=$583,660.45
        Cooperative Fund=$107,919.66
        Student Fee Fund=$11,265.70
        Lunch Fund=$38,183.40
        QCPUF Fund=$119,416.00
        Special Building Fund=$161.77
        Bond Fund=$581.32

        The Finance and Facility Committee reviewed all claims for this consent agenda. Reimbursement for Perkins and Early Childhood grants have been completed. Everyone has done a nice job this year of staying within or under their allocated budgets, with better than anticipated revenues, it is looking like the 2012-2013 fiscal year will end in good shape. The development of the 2013-2014 budget is well underway and will once again be reflective of our students educational needs, needs for staff as well as our district maintenance and physical plant needs. 

        5.2. Instruction/Personnel Reports

        Norfolk Public Schools Professional Development

        Summer 2013

        WONDERS: A leadership team of teachers met in June for the initial training of the new reading series, Wonders. This was the beginning of staff development for implementing the program. Mrs. Andreasen and Ms. Olson led this group through a series of discussions to problem-solve timelines and strategies as well as study the scope and sequence of the program. A few NPS teachers have gone to Lincoln to be a part of their staff development, as LPS has already implemented the program. Dates have been set on the calendar for whole reading staff training and follow up support and training.

        DIBELS NEXT: Two training dates are set for new staff members for their attendance. DIBELS data is an important component of decision making for classroom instruction.

        ANITA ARCHER EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION: Four days were offered to a wide span of instructors to be trained on explicit instruction in reading and writing. The reading and writing coach, as well as teachers and a small number of administrators attended all or some days. The focus this year was geared toward early elementary.

        PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES INSTITUTE: Training for teachers and administrators on PLC’s was made available. This continues the initiative of progressing NPS PLC growth and development. 30 teachers and administrators attended.

        MARZANO TRAINING FOR ADMINISTRATORS: A team of six attended the Marzano training. This group intends to complete a book study this fall to pursue information and determine the relevance of including Marzano concepts with already current teaching practices.

        DATES FOR NEW TEACHER ORIENTATION: Dates and an agenda have been set for orientation of new teachers.
        5.3. Student Services Report

        1.  Painting and cleaning activities continue in our school facilities this month.  Many high traffic areas and classrooms are getting refreshed at the Senior and Junior High Schools.  We still anticipate getting to Westside, BelAir, Woodland Park and the Middle School before school reconvenes in August.

        2.  Concrete work to address accessibility and safety is scheduled for Senior High, Woodland Park and Grant Elementary School.  We are also working to eliminate those “trip hazards” in our sidewalk areas as noted by the City of Norfolk.  QCPUF funds have been set aside to address most of these costs and items not covered by those funds will be coded to our District Maintenance Budget.

        3.  Summer School update:

              - K-4 Title I Summer School Reading Program concluded on Friday, June 28th
          - Junior High Summer Math Program concluded on June 12th
        - Senior High School - Session I concluded on June 18th, Session 2 concludes on July 12th (no school on July 4 & 5)

        4.  All of our Norfolk elementary schools will have art projects on display in the Octagon building at the Madison County Fair- July 9th-14th.  If you attend the “Fair,” please make the effort to stop by and view their work.  Thanks go to the Art Teachers--Bianca Ramirez, Nancy Nissen and Connie Bennett--for the selection process, and to the building secretaries and to the paras for putting the “Fair Cards” together for the display.

        5.4. Superintendent's Report
        Rationale:  1.  SUPERINTENDENT ENTRY PLAN:
        The Superintendent Entry Plan outlines the activities and goals for the superintendent's initial transition period. 

        My goal is to listen carefully to the ideas and concerns of Norfolk Public Schools' constituents, assess the strengths and limitations of our schools and community, and identify any critical issues or priorities that need to be addressed...while establishing a strong community presence and communicating my key focus, which is student learning.  

        A Superintendent Feedback Survey is available on the district website for students, staff, parents, and community members to provide me with feedback/information about the district. 

        Information gathered from this survey and other transition activities within the Entry Plan will be utilized to develop my leadership plan, including the implementation of a comprehensive Strategic Action Planning/School Improvement Planning Process and Communication Plan for Norfolk Public Schools. 

        2. POLICY REVIEW:
        A brief study of our school district policies indicates that many of our board policies are out of date.  These need to be reviewed and updated in an efficient manner to insure compliance with state and federal laws.  I am recommending that we work with Perry Law Firm to expedite this process.  Perry Law Firm has template polices available for purchase.  Once purchased, these policies would be reviewed and adopted by the board, one section at a time.  Any additional policies that NPS currently has that are not covered by Perry's templates would be sent to the law firm for review and update.  The total cost for this process would be $6000.  

        It is common for board policy to outline purchasing procedures for the district, including a maximum limit for expenditures that can be approved by building administrators and the superintendent. Our current policy does not include this level of specificity. 

        I am recommending that we agree to maximum amounts that can be approved by building administration and the superintendent, and that we specify when the bidding process is required. 

        Specifically, I am recommending that we continue to allow building principals to approve purchases under $250 as long as they fall within their approved budgets.  Superintendent approval is recommended for purchases between $250- $50000, with the bid process occurring when practical.  Formal board approval is recommended for all purchases of $50000 or more.  And, legally, a sealed bid process and board approval is required for all construction projects of $40,000 or more.

        4. NASB EVENTS:
        The NASB is seeking nominations from our region for their Board of Directors.  If anyone is interested, they should see me for more details.

        The NASB is also holding an Area Membership Meeting in Norfolk on September 25th from 4:45-8:00. Please RSVP to Sara if you are interested in attending.  There are breakout sessions regarding Fiduciary Responsibilities, Superintendent Contacts and Evaluations, Recent Federal Mandates, an Overview of the 2013 Legislative Session, and several others.

        5.5. Classified Handbook for 2013-2014
        Rationale:  This is a draft of the 2013-2014 Classified Handbook.  I am asking the board of education to review the contents of this handbook in order to understand our current practices that our district has with our classified staff.  This also gives board members an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions before the handbook is finalized.  The handbook is not an employment contract, but rather a guide for employee and employer on a wide array of employment areas.  This handbook was also discussed today at our monthly facility and finance committee meeting.  Our classified staff in our district are essential to the education process.  As a district we have been fortunate over the years to have outstanding people in these positions who are not only dedicated to their position but to the entire school district and the students we serve.
        6. Action Items
        6.1. Board Appointments

        The following responsibilities are appointed positions that serve the board of education:

        1) Jami Jo Thompson, Secretary
        2) Bill Robinson, Treasurer
        3) Doug Witte, Parliamentarian

        Bill Robinson was appointed Treasurer in January. 

        Recommended Motion(s):  Motion to approve the following appointments for the remainder of the 2013 calendar year: 1) Jami Jo Thompson - Secretary 2) Doug Witte - Parliamentarian. Motion passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
        7. Committee Reports
        7.1. Board Building Visit Reports
        7.2. Facilities & Finance Committee Report
        Rationale:  The Facility and Finance Committee met today at 12:00 noon in the central office board room. The committee had an opportunity to review all claims and fund balances for June. The committee then discussed a number of different business office items.  These items included some upcoming contracts that may go out for bid, recent information from the government on the Health Care Law (PPACA), review of the 2013-2014 classified handbook, update on vehicle acquistion, update from payroll office, and the timeline for 2013-2014 Budget Process.  The next scheduled meeting will be on August 12th at 12:00 noon in the central office board room.
        7.3. Activities Committee Report
        Rationale:  This committee has not met.  There is no information to report or discuss.  Activities Committee meetings with reconvene August 26th for the 2013-2014 school year.
        7.4. Policy & Government Relations Report
        7.5. Minutes of Committee Meetings
        Rationale:  There are no committee meeting minutes to report.
        8. Executive Session
        8.1. Convene Executive Session
        8.2. Reconvene Meeting from Executive Session
        8.3. Approval of Any Action Deemed Necessary as a Result of Executive Session
        9. Old Business
        10. Future Meetings
        Rationale:  There will be no second meeting of the month in July.  

        The next regular meeting of the board of education is scheduled for Monday, August 12, 2013. The meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m. at the Norfolk City Council Chambers. 
        11. Adjournment
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