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April 4, 2016 at 1:00 PM - Americanism, Curriculum, Planning, and Policy Committees Meeting @ SMC Conf. Room

I. Discussion Items
2016 Proposed Priorities - District Staff/Parent/Community Staff Parent Combined Final
Academic Rank Rank Total Rank
1.a SCHS: Improve access to college credit/dual credit classes for students pursuing a etc... 4 1 5 1
1.b SCHS: Improve academic performance/success of students in the middle group of etc... 3 4 7 3
1.c SCHS: Improve transition program coordination and staffing for ELL students 6 10 16 6
1.d SCS Instructional Model: Develop the Schuyler Instructional Model 23 16 39 19
1.e Special Programs (SPED, Title, ELL): Improve K-8 program coordination, service delivery etc... 5 15 20 8
1.f Early Childhood Programs: Expand early childhood programs 12 22 34 17
1.g After School/Summer School Programs: Increase enrollment and expand summer and after etc... 18 26 44 23
1.h Bilingual Education: Research, develop, and implement a K-8 biligual education program 22 2 24 14
Extra-Curricular Activities
2.a Youth Activities Program: Expand K-6 youth activities program 13 9 22 10
2.b Activity Fee: Continue 6-12 Student Activity Fee Program 19 29 48 25
2.c Improve coordination, expansion, and scheduling of the 5-12 Band Program 16 25 41 20
3.a Fall Tech Fair: Continue Fall Tech Fair 10 19 29 15
3.b SMS iPad Replacement: Develop a plan/budget for SMS iPad replacement 17 28 45 24
4.a Coach Bus: Consider purchasing a "coach" bus in the vehicle rotation schedule 24 18 42 22
Buildings and Grounds
5.a Preschool: Completion of building exterior, roof, and grounds at the preschool building 15 7 22 11
5.b SCHS Facilities: Develop a plan and timeline to address facility needs at SCHS 7 6 13 5
5.c Fisher's Facilities: Develop a plan and timeline to address facility needs at Fisher's 28 23 51 27
5.d Rural Building Utilization: Study Rural School building utilization 25 27 52 29
Support Service Programs
6.a Food Service: Expand breakfast program options at SES, Richland, and Fisher's 26 21 47 25
6.b Food Service: Increase emphasis on hiring Latino cooks to work in the food service program 29 20 49 26
6.c Guidance and Counseling: Increase the numbers of guidance counselors at SES/SMS 2 8 10 4
6.d Safety and Crisis Preparedness: Continue training and improving workplace safety and etc... 14 3 17 7
School Governance and Public Relations
7.a Community Partnerships: Continue expanding community partnerships and collaboration 8 14 22 12
7.b Communication System: Expand internal/external comm. systems to provide effective etc... 20 13 33 16
7.c District Level Meetings and Information Databases: Continue using electronic media to communicate, share, etc... 21 17 38 18
School Climate and Learning Environment
8.a Professional Development: Continue recognition programs to reward and recognize etc... 9 12 21 9
8.b Student Behavior Programs: Continue expansion of behavior management programs to etc... 1 5 6 2
8.c New Teacher Orientation: Continue support of the "new" teacher orientation program 11 11 22 13
8.d SCS Brand: Create a "Brand" for Schuyler Community Schools based on our image 27 24 51 28

Committee Updates

1.  PT-OT Programs:  We received word from Aegis that they would not be providing physical therapy services for the 2016-17 school year.  We currently receive occupational therapy from Central Nebraska Rehabilitation Services for occupational therapy and are interested in providing physical therapy services.

2.  2016-17 Staffing Update: 

     Retirement:  Karen Marymee     Resignations:  Lindsey Ferguson, Sarah Kracke, Brisa Calderon

     New Hires:  Bobbie Rocheford:  SMS Language Arts,

     Reassignments: SMS Band:  Gerry Reinsch, SCHS Language Arts:  Drey Keairnes, SMS ELL Teacher:  Angie Wemhoff, SCHS Science:  Ethan Hutton, SCHS SPED:  Lynn Rambour, SMS Science:  Barbara Saathoff, SMS Computer/Business:  Cindy Beebe, SCHS Business:  Jared Severson , SCHS Reading/Language Arts:  Jean Conrad, SMS English/LA Crystal Ernst, Richland 3-5:  Adrianne Didier,
SES Level 3 SPED:  Liz Mallory, SMS Level 3 SPED:  Brenda Klein, SMS Social Studies: Lewis Evans

     Open Positions:  SMS Part-time Asst Principal/AD, SMS English/LA, SCHS Social Studies, Preschool SPED, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade, 5th Grade,

3.  Tech. Fair Update: Tech Team will provide an update for the 2016 Tech Fair. (Postponed to May)

4.  PR and Communications Update:  We will be organizing a team of employees from each building to advise communications (website, e-sign boards, Media TV, News Channel 21, etc...)  This team will meet with monthly and coordinate district/community/parent communications.

5.  Student Behavior Program Update:  In addition to our current behavior efforts, we will be hosting APL in April and May.  In addition, East Central Health voted last week to put a behavior mental health specialist in the middle and high school for two days a week for the 2016-17 school year.

6.  Safety and Crisis Prevention Update:  We received the draft report from Nesbitt and Associates and submitted our individual building information.  We should be ready to adopt this updated plan this summer.

7.  Fall Marching Band Schedule Update:

September 5, 2016:  Labor Day Parade -no conflicts

September 10, 2016:  Softball Tourney at Omaha Mercy

September 17, 2016  Volleyball & Softball Tournament

September 24, 2016:  Schuyler Volleyball Invitational

October 1, 2016:  Harvest of Harmony - Varsity VB Tourney and Conf SB

October 8, 2016:  Columbus - no conflicts

October 15, 2016  Schuyler - Conf VB

October 22, 2016:  NSBA - no conflicts

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