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September 23, 2016 at 1:45 PM - Support Staff Monthly Meeting@ SCHS Library Annex

I. Discussion Items

1.  Finance/Budget Report:  See attached budget and finance reports.

2.  Safety Items:  Mr. Gibbons is working with your supervisor on scheduling your professional development and safety programs.  If you are a new employee this year, you will also need to complete a new employee orientation program.

3. School Lunch:  Remember, adults CANNOT charge meals in the program.  Support staff has done a much better job of keeping negative balances under $5.00.  We cannot refuse a lunch to a student who qualifies for free lunch, but they are not allowed additional charges.  Any other student who has a negative balance can go through the lunch line, but cannot receive a reimbursable meal.  NO STUDENT will be turned away from participation in our food service program.

4.  Buildings and Grounds:  Phase III of the preschool project is nearly completed.  The Homestead Center is open and traffic is picking up.  Work on the High School West Lobby and trophy cases were completed last summer.  We held the ribbon cutting for the new field house at the middle school on Monday, Sept 5th.  The field turf is completed and we have several people beginning the cleanup of that installation.  The basketball and volleyball courts are still up in the air for completion pending the concrete moisture content results.

5. Transportation: If you need a vehicle or need to register to attend a meeting outside the district, please make sure you complete your request in the filemaker system.  If you have any questions, please contact either Sally Jakub or Renee Brabec.

6.  Fall Technology Fair:  The fall technology fair is scheduled over the Parent-Teacher Conference in October.  High school students will be in attendance along side PT Conferences on Wednesday, October 12th.  Staff workshops are scheduled for Thursday, October 13th.

7.  Safety Surveys:  Your principals have been given the new safety manuals for each building.  We are conducting a follow-up safety inspection and will have a NDE visitation this year.  Nesbitt and Associates will be conducting a follow-up safety inspection early this fall to see if we have corrected areas of concern from the 2015-16 study.

8. Strategic Plan Update:  We will be finalizing our progress reports on the district strategic plan during the month of October.  We are scheduled to revisit the plan as a staff/community in November.

9.  Salary and Benefit Schedule:  We will be offering on open enrollment period for changing insurance programs beginning in January 2017.  This dual option allows employees to elect to participate in a high deductible ($3,500) and use the premium savings to enroll in a healthcare savings account.  We will let you know when the representative from Blue Cross will be here to answer any questions you may have.

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