Public Meeting Agenda: February 1, 2018 at 9:30 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting


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February 1, 2018 at 9:30 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting Agenda

February 1, 2018 at 9:30 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting
I. Discussion Items

Respect - Responsibility - Effort

1.  Book Review:   "Strengths Based Leadership" 

2.  2018-19 Teacher/Program Needs:  Staffing needs for 2018-19 will need to be completed and submitted to me by February 1st.  Please focus on your teacher needs at this time.  We will address support staff needs by March 1st.

3.  Staff Interviews:  We are in agreement that securing and developing a quality staff is your highest priority as an administrative team.  Hiring is done by ADMINISTRATION.  You have permission to visit with your teaching staff about possible openings and if they have any input on the skills their department may need, but building principals are responsible for securing interviews and interview documents.  The second requirement is that all interviews are individually scored.   Finally, all interviews are conducted by more than one administrator.  If you would like other administrators to be involved, please let them know the time of the interview and the questions presented.

4.  Community Leaders Meeting:  The community Leaders meeting is rescheduled for 5:30 PM on Monday, February 19, 2018 at the high school music room. 

5. 2018-19 Calendar:  Please review recommended changes to the 2018-19 school calendar.  I will meet with SEA Reps on February 9th for their final input and the board committee will meet on Monday, February 5th.   The 2018-19 school calendar will be approved by the board in their meeting on February 12th. 

6.  Staff Resignations:  Following the January board meeting we will post openings created by staff resignations and/or retirements.  Please get your job descriptions for posting to Shelley.  When we get enough to advertise in the Omaha World Hearald, we will let you know.  

7. Strategic Planning Draft:  Review 2018 strategic planning draft and action plan recommendations.  Also, see the board of education code of ethics and board committee responsibilities as presented at the January Board Meeting.

8.  School Improvement Visitation:  Congratulations to Dr. Gibbons, principals, directors, your teachers, students, and community participants.  The visitation comments reflected on your organization, climate, engagement, and transparency.  Thanks again for all your work in making sure the Advance Ed. visitation team saw your school as it really is.  Great job!

9.  Support Staff Monthly Meetings:  See the district meeting site for the January/February support staff and SEA meeting schedule.

10.  Principals/Director Salary Considerations:  The board of education will be acting on administrators 2018-19 salaries in January and will take formal action on your contracts in February.  Thank you for completing your review of array salaries.  I have visited with each of you about my conversations with the board committee.  Your contracts will be on the agenda in February for board approval. 

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