Public Meeting Agenda: July 30, 2018 at 9:00 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting


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July 30, 2018 at 9:00 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting Agenda

July 30, 2018 at 9:00 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting
I. Discussion Items

           Respect - Responsibility - Effort

1.  Book Review:   We will be participating in book studies again this year.  Our first leadership book will be assigned by the Department of Education Priority Schools Consultants. 

2.  Opening Meeting Review:  Discuss Beginning of the year meetings and schedules. 

3.  Weekly SAA Meetings:  Last year we scheduled for 9:30 AM on Tuesdays at the Special Education Office.  Darli will provide the list for meeting refreshments.  If you have any agenda items for discussion, please let me know prior to the meeting so that I can put it on the agenda.

4.  Teacher Evaluation Instrument:  (Dr. Gibbons)  The Focus iObservation system.  Training is scheduled for Friday, August 10th.

5. Lunch Program:  Senator Walz is requesting information from all schools on to assist their interim study to better understand delinquent and unpaid meal counts.  See attached request.

6.  Schuyler Sun Articles:   Sally submitted our district information and updated staff directory for publication in the Schuyler Sun this week.

7. Bus Program:  Bus service will begin on August 13th (first day of school). You will also need to conduct bus evacuation drill sometime during the first days of school.  Please coordinate this with Renee Brabec.

8.  Monthly District Program Meetings:  SEA, Food Service Personnel, Custodial/transportation, Para/Office Support Staff (September, October, December, February, March, April)  All-staff meetings will be held in (August, November, January, and May)

9. 6-12 Resource Officer and Behavioral Mental Health Counselor:  Discuss questions and concerns about the two grant supported positions in place at SMS and SCHS. 

10. 2017-18 Requisitions:  Everything that has been ordered should have been shipped and/or received.  If you have any questions, please contact Sally.  We need to update and assign inventory to new and reassigned staff.  See attachment.

11. 2018-19 Professional Development Programs:     We need to confirm dates and professional development programs scheduled for the 2018-19 school year.  See attached form.

12.  Extra-Duty Contracts: If you have any extra-duty contracts/assignments please get them turned into the district office as soon as possible.

13.  Professional Files:  The teacher professional files must be updated annually.  Your Office manager is responsible for keeping these files updated. Building/Program administrators are responsible for assisting the Office Manager in keeping these files current.  Also, please make sure your new hire folders have all required documents. 

14.  Title I Program Information Forms:  Remember, ALL buildings are required to complete and submit your Title I school-wide program information.

15.  Student Fees:  Remember you need to have staff request and you must approve all student fees in your building.  You must also post your approved fees in a prominent place in your school.  See attached forms.

16.  School Crisis Response Program:  We will be hosting a training for administrators and guidance counselors with Venutize (formerly Prepared Response).  We also need to discuss the protocol for release of information to staff and public involving potential crisis situations affecting our school.

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