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August 14, 2018 at 9:00 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting

I. Discussion Items

1.  Priority School Professional Reading:  Dr. Molly Capps has provided us with the first book of the year and the reading schedule.  See attachment.

2.  Activity Account Management:  Each one of us has been assigned to supervision of school activities.  If you are the one in charge of the activity, this involves managing the gate and concession money following the event.  Sally will be in attendance to review the money box process for activities. 

3.  Support Staff Program Review:  Food Service, Custodial, para-educators, etc...  Discussion on the principals' role in managing the staff and these programs in your building.  Ron Mundil and Jamie Ramirez are the directors of these programs, but administrators are responsible for the programs and staff in your building.  Mr. Gibbons will also work with you on meeting your support staff workman's comp. and safety requirements for the 2018-19 school year.

4.  New hires:  The board approved the new hire recommendations.  Please have your new employees sign and return the contracts.  We also have two positions yet to hire:  Afterschool coordinator and Para Educator at SCHS.

5.  Friday Substitute Teacher Pay:  Our regular substitute teacher pay for a full day is $140 ($17.50 per hour).  1:30 Friday dismissal will be paid at $110 per day if they do not stay until regular teacher dismissal.

6.  Field Trips:  Our practice is to support field trips in the elementary, usually, one per year per class unless included in a grant, activity, etc...

7.  PLC Update:  Dr. Gibbons will lead the discussion on PLC's in each building.

8.  iObservation:    Dr. Gibbons asked for discussion on the iObservation Configuration for 2018-19.

9.  6-12 Activity Pass:  All students in grades 6-12 are required to purchase an activity pass for $10.  Because this is a required fee, they may apply for a waiver if they are on free or reduced lunch status.  All activity pass fees must be collected or waived by Labor Day.

10.  Identification Badges:  ALL staff are to wear identification badges.  Custodians have required clothing that identifies them.

11.  Professional Dress:  All staff are required to dress professionally.  "Blue Jeans" days may be done as fund raisers, but on a limited basis and must be approved by the building administrator.

12.  Rural School Mileage:  If employees are scheduled to work in town and at a rural school, they are eligible for school provided transportation or mileage for scheduled days.  If they go out more than scheduled, they are on their own.   Mileage reimbursement must be submitted monthly on the Voucher System and approved by the employee's supervisor.
Round Trip Mileage: 
Town to Fisher's:  11 Miles
Town to Richland:  20 Miles
Fisher's to Richland:  30 Miles

13.  Rural School JH Activity Transportation:  We will provide transportation again this year for students participating in JH activities.  Richland students will ride the bus, Fisher's school will ride the van. 
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