Public Meeting Agenda: January 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM - Transportation/Maintenance Staff Meeting


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January 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM - Transportation/Maintenance Staff Meeting Agenda

January 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM - Transportation/Maintenance Staff Meeting
I. Discussion Items
Rationale:  1.  Finance Report:  See attached report

2.  January-February Professional Development Programs: 
     January 12:  David Weber and VJ Smith:  Thank you for your participation in the workshops on Janaury 12 and special thank you to Joy and anyone else involved in providing the great breakfast.
     January 29-30:  Kevin Honeycutt:  We will need to consider grab-n-go for both breakfast and lunch on January 29th as the east gym will be used for workshops all day.
     February 3:  APL for SCHS and selected teachers/administrators from the other buildings.  The workshops will run from 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM.  We will need rolls/coffee in the morning, lunch, and cookies in the afternoon for 60 staff members involved in the workshop.

3.  2015-16 School Calendar:  We have provided the first draft of the 2015-16 calendar with corresponding dates.  Recommended changes will be made to that calendar to address problems with the current calendar or changes because of the way dates fall on the new calendar.

4.  Strategic Planning Process:  We will begin the final planning phase of the 2015 strategic planning process this month.  Dr. Hoesing will present at the Senior Center on January 26th, at Cargill on January 27th, and host a community leaders retreat on February 2nd.  The board committee will meet following these meetings and present our recommended priorities to the board for their approval on February 7th.

5.  Requisition/Inventory:  The ESU Coop purchasing site will open on February 2nd.  All ESU orders are due on April 1st.  The requisitions for items outside of the Coop Purchase will be done on the filemaker system again this year.  Orders completed on the filemaker system are due on May 1st.  Inventory updates are due upon checkout at the end of the school year.

6.  Building and Grounds:  Review the proposed building upgrades for 2015.

7.  Transportation:  Review the proposed vehicle replacement recommendations for 2015.

8.  2015-16 Contracts:  The board of education approved the certificated staff master agreement and the superintendent's contract on Monday, January 12th.  The finance committee is working on the other administrators, directors, and coordinators for approval at their meeting on February 9th.  Following that meeting, the finance committee will begin working on support staff salaries and contracts.  Support staff contracts will be finalized at the board meeting on May 11th.

9. Board Committees:
Americanism, Curriculum, and Assessment:  Responsible for reviewing curriculum recommendations, textbook selection, staff requisitions and inventory.  This is the only committee required by law (79-724)  Virginia Semrad, Holly Hild, Rich Brabec.

Budget/Finance/Negotiations:  Responsible for budget, finance, contract negotiations with administration, certificated staff negotiations and support staff contracts. Chuck Misek, Rich Brabec, Brian Vavricek

Responsible for recommending approval of the building and grounds and transportation programs, vehicle replacement schedule, building maintenance and upgrade schedule)  Chuck Misek, Eric Cerny, Virginia Semerad

Board Policy:  Responsible for annual review of board policies, handbooks, and safety/crisis plan. Holly Hild, Brian Vavricek, Rich Brabec

Public Relations/Planning/Calendar:  Responsible for recommending the annual district calendar, strategic planning process, and promoting positive public relations and communication.  Brian Vavricek, Holly Hild, Virginia Semerad
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