Public Meeting Agenda: February 2, 2015 at 5:30 PM - Strategic Planning Community Leaders Retreat


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February 2, 2015 at 5:30 PM - Strategic Planning Community Leaders Retreat Agenda

February 2, 2015 at 5:30 PM - Strategic Planning Community Leaders Retreat
I. Call Meeting to Order

STRIVE  •  COMMIT  •  SUCCEED  -  District Mission Statement

Schuyler Community Schools in partnership with parents, students, and the community is committed to educate students to become skilled, knowledgeable and responsible citizens in a global society - District Vision Statement

Notice of this meeting was given in advance according to State Law 84-1411, by giving notice of the meeting to the public.  Notice of this meeting was also given in advance to all members of the Board of Education
II. Pledge of Allegiance

All those present participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Declaration of Open Meetings Act
Rationale:  This meeting has been preceded by advance notice and is hereby declared to be in open session.  A copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted on the back wall of the meeting room.
IV. Other Public Boards/Council Open Meeting
Rationale:  City Council and other public boards/councils may use this time to open their meetings
V. Discussion Item: Retreat Agenda

Schuyler Community Leaders Retreat

February 2, 2015


1.  Introductions: 

2.  Purpose and Benefits of Strategic Plan

         1.  Everyone operates with the same goals in mind

         2.  No hidden or individual agendas to contend with

         3.  Board and administration are proactive instead of reactive

         4.  Increases a sense of trust between board and administration

         5.  Provides a sense of direction for board and administration

         6.  Increases probability of accomplishing board goals

         7.  Greater continuity when board or administration changes

         8.  Increases accountability for district patrons 

3.  Image I: Programs– Review the programs staff identified as most proud of.

4.  Image II: Attributes – Review the list of personal attributes identified by staff.

5.  Goals:  Review the list of priorities identified by staff, parents, and community patrons.

         2014 Goals and 2015 Goals

6.  Identify Barriers - Those things that prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

         Barriers Form

7.  Identify Enablers - Those things that enable you to succeed at your goals.

         Enablers form

8.  Develop Action Plans - Separates lifters from leaners (Future Work)

         1.   Description of work to be accomplished

               a.  List recommended solutions

               b.  Prioritize list of recommendations

               c.  Identify who is responsible for work

               d.  Set timelines for above work

9.  Evaluation - How will you know if the work is completed?  (Annually)

         1.  Identify evaluation instrument for each action plan

         2.  Identify impact of action plan on goal

10.     Closure - Review (final questions and answers)

VI. Adjournment
Rationale:  Adjourn Meeting
Recommended Motion(s):  Motion to adjourn meeting Passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
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