Public Meeting Agenda: March 9, 2015 at 5:00 PM - Building, Grounds, and Transportattion


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March 9, 2015 at 5:00 PM - Building, Grounds, and Transportattion Agenda

March 9, 2015 at 5:00 PM - Building, Grounds, and Transportattion
I. Discussion Items

1.  Review Meeting Portal:

2.  Review Regular Board Meeting Structure and committee responsibilities.

3.  Review Strategic Planning Committee Focus.

4.  Review FMP Portal. (Vehicle Tracks, Fix-it)

5.  Next Meeting:  April 13th @ 5:00 PM

Transportation Program:  (Vehicle Use, Replacement, Maintenance, Schedule, Bus Routes, Safe Routes to School)

Target Area Strategies:  (Bldg/Grnds/Transportation)  Chuck Misek, Eric Cerny, Virginia Semerad

Continue:           Maintain and update vehicle usage, replacement cycle and budget plan.

Expand:             Increase number of vehicles in fleet to accommodate increased transportation needs:  7 votes.

Continue:           Implement system to manage transportation requests, vehicle assignment, maintenance schedule, and vehicle mileage reports. 2nd semester of 2014-15.

Continue:           In coordination with the City of Schuyler, develop a plan to improve safe routes to school at the elementary building. 

Expand:             Develop a plan for sidewalks at SES:  10 votes.

Expand:             Install lights at crosswalks at SMS:  4 votes

Continue:           Develop a proposal to provide inter-city transportation program for students.  

Expand:             Provide additional supervision at SMS for outside bus duty:  6 votes.

Continue:           Develop and implement an afterschool program to stagger release times and improve traffic flow at the elementary building.


Action Plans

  1. Fix north parking lot lights at SES (Safety and Security) (Completed December 2014).
  2. Confirm the 2015 vehicle replacement cycle and present to the Board of Education for approval.
  3. Develop and implement the transportation request and management system on the portal.
  4. Recruit, train and expand the number of licensed route bus drivers in the district.  We have expanded our number of certificated route drivers and are able to cover our transportation needs at this time.
  5. Continue working with the City of Schuyler and Nebraska Department of Roads to improve highway 15 crossings at SMS.  Plans with NDOR to update the crossing this spring.

Building and Grounds Program:  (Building, Grounds, Maintenance, New Construction, Schedules)

Target Area Strategies: (Bldg/Grnds/Transportation) Chuck Misek, Eric Cerny, Virginia Semerad

Continue.     Develop a system to manage maintenance requests and timeline for facility improvement.  Remodel science rooms at SCHS.  9 Votes.

Continue.     Continue 2nd Floor renovation of the preschool building for early childhood programs.  19 Votes.

Continue.     Develop a plan to expand physical education and athletic practice facilities at the middle school building.  87 Votes.

Continue.     Develop a plan and timeline for the construction of classrooms and performing arts center at SCHS.  6 Votes.

Continue:     Develop a plan and timeline for the construction of a gymnasium, classrooms, and parking lot at Fisher’s elementary school.  16 Votes.

New:           Reassign classrooms at SES to accommodate more space for high needs education:  19 Votes.

New:           Pave SCHS student parking lot. 6 Votes.


Action Plans

  1. Work with architects to develop a plan to install a fire escape and use of the 2nd floor for early childhood programs.
  2. Recruit a contractor and award a contract to install the fire escape as proposed.  We will be recommending awarding Semarad Construction the bid on the fire escape project at the April board meeting.
  3. Confirm the 2015 building improvement cycle and present to board of education for approval.  Plan approved in March 2015.
  4. Continue use and review of maintenance request program on the FMP portal.
  5. Develop a building, finance, and construction plan for a new activities venue at SMS building site.  We will discuss progress on this proposal at the committee meeting on April 13th.
  6. Work on approved playground for preschool that meets Rule 11.   We received a grant to upgrade and expand the playground at the preschool site.  The proposal was approved at the March 2015 meeting with work to be completed this summer.
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