Public Meeting Agenda: April 13, 2015 at 2:00 PM - Americanism: Curriculum, Assessment,and Instruction @ SMS Conference Room


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April 13, 2015 at 2:00 PM - Americanism: Curriculum, Assessment,and Instruction @ SMS Conference Room Agenda

April 13, 2015 at 2:00 PM - Americanism: Curriculum, Assessment,and Instruction @ SMS Conference Room
I. Discussion Items
Rationale:  1.  Review Strategic Planning Committee Focus.

2.  Review FMP Portal. (Curriculum Cycle, Standards)

3. Set next meeting date:  May 4th @ 2:30 PM


Academic Programs:  (Core Academic, Elective, Fine-Arts, Vocational, Foreign Language, Physical Education)

Target Area Strategies: 

1.  Develop a textbook cycle and system to coordinate textbook updates. 

2.  Adopt a new K-5 Language Arts and Writing Program:

3.  Develop and implement a system to coordinate curriculum alignment. 

4.  Develop a professional development system/program (PLC’s) to promote teacher effectiveness, classroom management, and improved student learning.

5.  Develop a plan to provide K-8 physical education that promotes skill development, fine and gross motor coordination, and social development. 

6.  Develop a schedule to provide a greater balance in core and elective programs at SES, Fisher’s and Richland buildings.

7.  Develop a plan to provide after-school/summer-school for K-8 students. 

8.  Provide increased opportunities for advanced and/or high ability learners at all grade levels.

9.  Develop a comprehensive 7-12 education plan that increases career awareness, skills, and proficiency in the areas of career and technical education.

10. Reduce class-size at the PK-8 level to increase academic achievement.

11.  Provide Math and Reading interventionists (RtI) at SES.

Action Plans

  1. Confirm Textbook/curriculum cycle for 2015.
  2. Host meetings with staff to update curriculum and select textbooks/materials in alignment with curriculum goals and standards
  3. Identify dates 2015 summer school program, develop goals and programs, and select staff and offer contracts for summer school programs.
  4. Continue expanding after school program with a balance of program objectives and expansion of programs for high ability learners.
  5. Review/assign 2015-16 programs, staffing, and schedules. 
  6. Adopt, train, and implement the iObservation evaluation system and timeline for implementation.
  7. Review and revise Title I school wide programs for SES, SMS, and SCHS.  Mr. Gibbons is working with SCHS staff on the proposal of the new Title I program.
  8. Provide professional development to support building-wide Title I programs (RTI).
  9. Expand implementation of Discovery Education Programs at SMS.  We are in the first year of a three year implementation.
  10. Hosted a meeting with parent core group to develop PTA at SES
  11. Develop and implement Community Cafe at SES in the Fall:  ( A parent driven group looking at ways they can be more involved in the school setting)


School Activities Program:  (Visual &Performing Arts, Athletics, Clubs, Youth Activities Program)

Target Area Strategies:

1.  Increase opportunities for elementary and middle school students to participate in physical education and athletic programs.

2.  Increase opportunities and prioritize scheduling to accommodate PK-12 students participation in visual and performing arts during the regular school day.

3.  Develop a plan to expand youth athletic programs to promote interest, skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, and knowledge of sport.

4.  Develop a plan to increase student participation in athletics and promote program success at the middle and high school levels.

5.  Increase student participation in visual & performing arts programs and promote membership in social/service clubs at the middle and high school levels.

6.  Promote parent/student/community involvement and attendance at school activities.

Action Plans

1.  Hire a K-8 youth programs director to oversee development and coordination of school/community activities.  Darin Kovar is assigned to oversee the program for the 2015-16 school year.

2. We just received a grant to employ a community programs recruiter for 10 hours per week. 

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