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September 8, 2015 at 9:00 AM - Schuyler Administration Meeting @ SMS Conference Room

I. Discussion Items

1.  September Book Review:  Championship Habits- 1 Dan, 2 Stephen, 3 Bill, 4 Darli, 5 Michelle E, 6 Gerry, 7 Michelle B, 8 Dave, 9 Dave, 10 Dan , 11 Darin

2.  Board Reports:  September Board Meeting is Monday, September 14th.  Board Reports are due Wednesday, September 9th!

3. Special Education Program Update:  Darli has been assigned a mentor to help her get up to speed with SPED requirements.  We may need to hire some para educators to support the requirements of the IEP. 

4. Alternative Education Program Update: Dave reported that he has a Friday schedule worked out

5. After School Program Update:  Dave Gibbons provided an update for the after-school programs at the elementary and middle school buildings.

6. 2015-16 Textbook/Curriculum Cycle:  Dave Gibbons posted the textbook/curriculum cycle.  This is the principal's responsibility to work with your staff.  Mr. Gibbons is your resource to help you and your staff through this process.  If it is not on the cycle, it will not be updated this year!

7. Requisition/Inventory:  Update requisition/inventory by the end of September.  All new staff and staff reassignments should be updated.

8. Capturing Kids Hearts Workshop:  We have been offered a free workshop in Denver on November 3-5 for up to 8 people.  They recommend a building principal and teacher for each program.

9. January 11th Workshop:  Adlolph Brown workshop update.

10. Teacher/Administrator Evaluation Program:  We will be taking this recommendation to the board of education on Monday.  Once adopted, we will expect all administrators to become proficient with this system and train staff on the areas of immediate focus. Dave will be hosting our training on September 17th.

II. Evaluation Configuration
Rationale:  I have handouts of what I'd like to submit for the scoring rules for our evaluation.  I also have information regarding the use of growth plans in iObservation.
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