Public Meeting Agenda: September 25, 2015 at 2:45 PM - Support Staff Monthly Meeting @ SES Music Room


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September 25, 2015 at 2:45 PM - Support Staff Monthly Meeting @ SES Music Room Agenda

September 25, 2015 at 2:45 PM - Support Staff Monthly Meeting @ SES Music Room
I. Discussion Items

1.  Finance/Budget:  2014-15 Year-end Report and 2015-16 Budget:

2.  Summer Work:  Preschool update:  Thank you for your work on the preschool.  What is our timeline for moving the remaining items from the gymnasium.  West Lobby:  The work on the west high school lobby and restrooms is complete and looks great.  We are working with the coaches on updating the record boards.  Semerad Construction is building trophy cases for the hallway just east of the west lobby.  We will be moving recognition items and trophies to the east hallway.  The district plaques and state trophies will remain in the main lobby.  SES parking lot:  The new posts look great and the traffic plan seems to be working fine.  SMS Building:  The technology room is being setup and Semerad Construction will move lockers from the east wing to the 7th grade area and the main hallway just to the north of the gymnasium.  SCHS Track/Fields:  Thank you for your work to clean up the area behind the high school building and for your work on the concession stand storage area.  School Building Access Codes:  We are working at getting all the electronic door codes updated to improve security. We do not want to give this code out to staff or administration.  They should all have a fob to get into the electronic door, or a key to get into the building through another door.

3. Filemaker System:  We use the filemaker programs to manage time clock resets, requests for vacation or leave.  Make sure you put the accurate hours for leave into the system.  The "fix-it" program is used to report maintenance requests.  You need to report maintenance items through your principal.  Use the "tech-it" system to manage all technology requests, the "voucher" system to request repayment or deposits, and the "PO Control" for purchasing. Please see your principal if you have any questions.

4.  Vehicle Tracks: We have been using the "Vehicle Tracks" system to manage our fleet information.  Beginning in October, all vehicle requests will be requested through the system.  If you use a vehicle, please return the key when you return so that the vehicle can be cleared for the next trip.  We still need to figure out a way to allow key return when you return after hours and do not have keys to get into the building. 

5.   School Lunch:  Remember, adults CANNOT charge meals in the program.  Support staff has done a much better job of keeping negative balances under $5.00.

6. Rec. Center Project:  We held a pre-construction meeting last Wednesday, following the ground breaking ceremony at the middle school.  It was decided that they would begin the demolition phase of the project within 2 weeks of the meeting.  WE agreed that the staging sites for the project would be the parking area on the east side of Banner Street and if necessary, they would use our lot to the southwest corner of our building on 9th Street.  We will let the staff at the middle school know when those areas would no longer be available for parking.  We also agreed that construction workers would use parking on the north side of 9th Street adjacent to the construction site.  We will address any other questions you may have at the meeting.  Some of the worksite requirements include:  dress, language, smoking, site safety and security, maintaining fire exits, etc...

7.  Fall Technology Fair:  The fall technology fair is scheduled over the Parent-Teacher Conference in October.  High school students will be in attendance along side PT Conferences on Wednesday.  Staff workshops are scheduled for Thursday, October 15th.

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