Public Meeting Agenda: September 21, 2015 at 9:00 AM - Schuyler Administration Meeting @ SCHS Library Annex


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September 21, 2015 at 9:00 AM - Schuyler Administration Meeting @ SCHS Library Annex Agenda

September 21, 2015 at 9:00 AM - Schuyler Administration Meeting @ SCHS Library Annex
I. Discussion Items

1.  Book Review:  Championship Habits:  Chapters 3-4

Core Soft Skill #9:  Possessing interpersonal skills.  Are you capable of teaching and mentoring others?  Do you possess skills in negotiation and working with cultural diversity?

Core Soft Skill #10:  Possessing social skills.  Are you able to deal with the emotions of others?  Do you have the abilities to harmonize, persuade, and lead?

Core Soft Skill #11:  Demonstrating a positive attitude.  Are you optomistic, enthusiastic, and upbeat?  Are you capable of generating positive energy and good will?

Core Soft Skill #12:  Having the ability to accept and learn from criticism.  Are you coachable?  Are you capable of continuous learning and improvement?

2.  Teacher Evaluation:  Discussion on teacher evaluation training and observations.

3.  Inventory Update:  We moved your current non-ESU requisitions of $25 or greater to your inventory.  Any items of $25 or greater you acquired through the ESU or outside of the requisition program, must be updated on your inventory.  Items that were removed, relocated, or disposed of should be updated. Staff must have their inventory completed by October 1st.  You must have an item listed, a value/cost, and location.  A report for our audit requires an accounting of all assets of the district, including materials, supplies, and equipment. 

4.  Filemaker Portal:  In addition to the Requisition/Inventory, we are using Standards and Curriculum Cycle, Tech-it, Voucher, and Purchase order systems.  In October, you will need to schedule all transportation and workshop requests on the Vehicle Tracks program.

5.  Teacher Negotiations:  We will meet in October to discuss the 2015-16 Incentive Plan and the 2016-17 Master Agreement.

6.  Professional Development:  We need to discuss staff use of PTO in conjunction with professional development.  In the past, we have had several staff members who choose to use PTO rather than attend professional development.  In addition to the increasing numbers is the consistency of the same people electing to not participate in professional development in the district.  We really don't want to make this an issue to be resolved in negotiations with the board of education.  We have worked hard to provide quality professional development for teachers in this district and need to have everyone involved.

7.  Fall Technology Fair:  The fall technology fair is scheduled over the Parent-Teacher Conference in October.  High school students will be in attendance along side PT Conferences on Wednesday.  Staff workshops are scheduled for Thursday, October 15th.

8.  Safety Surveys:  Your principals have been given the links for safety surveys to be completed by all staff.  Please make sure you complete these surveys so that we can get our safety manuals complete and our new wall charts completed.

9.  Buildings and Grounds:  Principals need to go in and update the building and grounds long-range plan for your building. 

10.  Building Schedules:  We discussed making sure if you change your schedule in your building, you needed to consider if your change affects other buildings.  We agreed that if your schedule changes, you must make accommodations in your own building that does not affect other building's schedules.

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