Public Meeting Agenda: October 6, 2015 at 9:00 AM - Schuyler Administration Meeting @ SMS Conference Room


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October 6, 2015 at 9:00 AM - Schuyler Administration Meeting @ SMS Conference Room Agenda

October 6, 2015 at 9:00 AM - Schuyler Administration Meeting @ SMS Conference Room
I. Discussion Items

1.  Book Review:  Championship Habits- 1 Dan, 2 Stephen, 3 Bill, 4 Darli, 5 Michelle E, 6 Gerry, 7 Michelle B, 8 Dave, 9 Dave, 10 Dan , 11 Darin

Core Soft Skill #14:  Possessing the ability to self-manage.  Are you capable of self-reflection and introspection?  Are you capable of mood management?

Core Soft Skill #15:  Demonstrating good communication skills.  Are you able to express ideas with clarity?

Core Soft Skill #16:  Possessing integrity and honesty.  Do you have good character or behave in ways consistent with a strong value system?  Do you practice and apply sound ethical principles?

Core Soft Skill #17:  Possessing the ability to be a team player.  Are you cooperative when working in groups?  Are you both comfortable being a leader and allowing another to take the lead?

2.  Teacher Evaluation:  Discussion on teacher evaluation training and observations.  Discussion on the January 2016 Professional Development Program/Speaker.

3.  Incentive Pay:  The board of education and the SEA will agree annually on incentive pay.  The board will officially adopt the “teacher incentive plan” in October of the current school year.  Items considered for inclusion in the incentive plan and the amounts paid will be reviewed annually and attached to this document as Appendix “?” following the October meeting.

4.  Voucher and Purchase Orders:  You need to check the PO's and Voucher systems on a regular basis. 

5.  Fall Technology Fair:  The fall technology fair is scheduled over the Parent-Teacher Conference in October.  High school students will be in attendance along side PT Conferences on Wednesday.  Staff workshops are scheduled for Thursday, October 15th.  Please check one more time with Jeff Andel and/or kitchen staff on meal schedules and arrangements for PT Conferences and Tech. Fair.

6.  Safety Surveys:  Dave Gibbons sent out the links for safety surveys to be completed by all staff.  Please make sure you complete these surveys so that we can get our safety manuals complete and our new wall charts completed.  Surveys will need to be completed by October 9th.

7.  Buildings and Grounds:  Principals need to update the building and grounds long-range plan for your building.

8.  EMC Safety Videos:  Dave Gibbons will work with building principals to assign support staff training for 1st semester.  The EMC safety video program is the same one we used for the 2014-15 school year.  Mr. Gibbons will demonstrate the program at the meeting.

9.  1st Quarter Outstanding Employee:  We have a new form for the Chamber/Foundation Outstanding Employee Award.  Shelley will be sending this out to all staff.  Please encourage your staff to nominate people for this recognition program.  Once they are submitted, they remain in the pool for the 2015-16 school year.

10. NET/NASB Community Engagement Tour:  NASB and NET will be in Schuyler for the State of Education visit on Wednesday, October 28th.  NET is requesting the meeting sites in which the meetings will be held in Schuyler so that they may update the website as soon as possible.

10:00-11:30:  Early Childhood Learning Coordinators Session

11:30-12:30:  Business Leaders

  2:00 - 2:30:  Student Engagement

  6:00 - 8:00:  Community Members

11.  October Board Reports:  Board reports are due Wednesday, October 7th. 

12.  PLC's and Program Focus:  We discussed the feeling of being overwhelmed and a need to refocus our efforts at each building.  Mr. Gibbons shared his concern about all the initiatives we have in the district.  We agreed that we would review these initiatives in comparison to the items identified in the strategic plan for 2015.  We will continue this discussion next week and see if we need to shift our focus over the next few months. 

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