Public Meeting Agenda: April 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole


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April 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole Agenda

April 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole
1. Public Comments on Agenda Items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  Call to order at 7:00 PM. More than 10-20 to speak about Orchestra. 5 minutes to speak not speaking about same points. Parent - Michell Octomeryer - Daughter in this since 5th grade. Makes her a well rounded student. Important part of her school day. Many hours spent hate to lose. Wanda Rains - Student son since 5th grade give his particpation other than curriculum, made friends and very much a part of their lives. Kathy loved those kids and maybe did not get to recurit. Well loved by students. Also have a cost investment in the instruments. Some kids are not athelthic makes them a part of HS. Please keep the program. Jerry Weber - 1208 Court. Kids now and in the past. We did not promote recuirting of students. Going to college helps a place to have scholarships if not an athlete. Has a 5th grader did not know which way to go band or Orchestra and choose this. Joan Davidison - 420 N. 12th. History of instrumental music at Beatrice Public School. Did both orchestra and band. Then went to just elementary. Violin person has guided her life but was not in her school parent emphsas. Continued at Doane college. Part of Beatrice Orchestra. Many hs students participating in Orchestra in the community. Shared a booklet of what they did at the past had a large enrollment, but had to recurit as not all students can play band instruments. Hope we can manage the finances and see it grow. Bruce Greenwell - 1720 Market - Maintain higher test scores, more creative thinking. Media back up is an Orchestra. Play music you cannot play in band. Some kids is the only activity. Finances not only consideration. Numbers can go up but will start small and then up. Karen Higgins - Graduate of BHS Orchestra. Play in local Orchestra. Sister to Kathy who just finished her lifes work in Orchestra. This need to start in 5th grade we need these kids in the Regional Orcherstra. We need a program of young kids to maintain the Regional Orcherstra. 4 concerts per year. We are teaching the community about good music. Orchestra is very different than band. Keep it. Amanda Kohlman - Been in Orchestra since 5th grade playing violin instead of drum. Does drumline also. Nothing compares to playing violn. To take away this opportunity away from kids would be sad. Favoriate part of HS. Travis Portree - Junior in HS. Would like to be able finish his senior year. Helps his consertration. Helps the loss of his grandmother. Removes stress from his school day and helps his concentration. Bob McCllend - Played when he was in HS and his daughter also played in HS. She was in limited and choir and orchestra and this is a very difficult schedule. Student he taught in 32 years did better if the were in math that were in music. Ask Elizabeth Jurgens - Opt in due to Orchestra. Real slap in the face not along the cost of instrument. The violn has helped her in math. She is a good math student. Critical addition to our community big blow to loose it. Glen Burheide - Daughter since 5th grade didn't always want to but made her stick with it. She would say it has helped her in academics and in making friends. Anything to finace a sport what about Orchestra. Teri Brethower - In Orchestra daughter plays also in the Regional Orchestra. Would we be discussing this if it was a sport. She does not participate in any sport. What would she do. Kids support it because it is their life just like sports are others life. Kevin Boesinger - Lots of Community participation. Directs Regiona Orchestra - Professional musician. Part of the whole music program. Set best programs in all areas with band choir and orchestra sets us apart. Encourage to you to use a full-time instructor. Teacher will be covering to many areas. Enrollment in the music is already covering 1-80 in band. No other class has 80. If want to build Orcherstra program it will take an instructor to build it. Nathan got great program going and Craig doing a great job. Give it 5 years will have a very well developed program. Academic, Music and Sports - excellence. Same excitement for music kids as well and sports when kids perform.
2. Americanism Report
Speaker(s):  Jon Zimmerman
Discussion:  Summer gave a report along with Mr. Zimmerman Mitch, Doris and Jon met on April 16. Reviewed new standards. Summer informed committee - Elements of stautes - Appoint committee, texbooks have the correct information, (have reviewed) chacater of employess, American History courses are provided, singing songs and flag care. Has looked at currculum Books and curriculum are aligened with Nebraska Standards. Revised graduation requiments in Social Studies all sophmore take a full year of history and junior senior American Government. Next year new Standards will be developed. We will need to review. Do incorporate govenment into reading. We do hold assemblies for Veterans Days. We will and reciting of pledge each day. We will have a flag in each classroom. Have done a survey and will have community organization help us with this.
3. Construction Update
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  John Brazell Plans for HS Roof - Everything in place and ready to go out after school to repairt 1/2 EPHIS is Complete - Just some small work and finishingto be completed. Entry ways pads that need to be replaced. Metal Sign at Entryway - two pices damagaed second wrong color and then 3rd damaged again. 4th Order. Flag light will be moved to allow the sign to show better. Stadium - Not much going on to visual eye. Much planning. Second story press working with engineers to begin second story. Waterproffing on deck is complete. Press box windows are in. Cement walk to home side is almost complete. Two areas for wheel chairs. Light poles are ready for installation. Will be put inconjuction with the scoreboard. Slevees being install on cages for discuss. Approve security fence and sprinklers. Water faucets - looking a motion sensors. Also begun a discussion with Jason and Terry about more storage for tack and football equipment about how big and where to place so it will not interfier with lockerooms. Rumors as to how the facility will be used. We have never looked at as a staduim. This is an economic growth for our community. It is for kids but also for community. Will not be just limited to high school kids and sports.
4. Strategic Plan Annual Update
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  April 16 has an Annual Update this is called for by the plan to inform the orginal planning team to be updated annually. Dr. Breed toured our facilites on the same day and sent letter and congratulated us on our strategic plan. Dr. Lopez hightlighted what we has been done. Remodel of PL SPED Elementary Public Forums for New Elementary Recomendation for June the public survery MS renovation formed Bahr Vermerr hired to give us options Statium Commpleted Tool For Bd Self Eval - Presentation in June by NSAB Working on Sup Eval to be complete by Dec Working on Teacher Eval Contracted with provider that will distribute and electronic monthly newsletter. Elementary Schoeols have more family/curriculm nights Parental Involvement Technology Plan Devel 3 year New E-meeting Communication Spec job description has been devloped and will not be hired this year. Curriculum rewrote cycle 7 years. Centralized the purchase of textbooks. Review relationship with Career & Tech programs and are looking at other options. Professional Development is based on data and what teacher need more development on. Reading and Math the most emphasis. Reviewing the District grading program to make sure we all doing the same. Will having grading expert coming to BPS in October. 3 year Tech Plan - Lots of cost, personnal laptop carts in all elementary with grants - $80,000. Switch to google is free. Oddeysware implemented. Developed course assessment to teach and re teach Behavior Plan - Boy's Town selected and implentation over 2 years to start this next year. Engagement - $20,000 Grant in order for us to us the Gallup Student Engagement program at HS school. Will later be K-12 including staff and parents. May meeting member of Chamber and Main Street - Project Pay Back community helping us we helping them. Refinance bonds, wrote grants, fundraising for complex present in Lincoln Legislature. Highlights of strategic plan Preschool is done funded by grant Alternative School is done and implemented.
5. Staffing
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  Jon, John, Jami Jo Funding - Would not have if not for funding issues. State aid about 1/3 of our funding. This does not include federal simulus funding or property taxes. Collection of tax are 89 to 90%. When look at this we do not always get it all. If we are lucky we will be a flat revenue. We already know our expenses will not be flat - salaries, etc. Operating goal will be at 98.5% of our carry over budget 2.9 million we will need to cut 2% for next year. We are 400,000 short. Disussed 95,97,99 and 100%. Even at 100% this is a decrease budget. Cutting 51,000 out of textbooks Reparis will not happen No overtime for custodail or maintenace No replacement of equipment and furniture No travel for MS Cut copy costs Welcome back lunch No Calendar Travel reduced Sub pay reduced by $10,000 asked budget manager to look at this they have come up about 1/2 of the 400,000. Still need about $200,000. 85% is personel is about $17,0000 need to reduce. Consider looking at 200,000 cuts of personel costs which is only 2% for personnel and 4% is stuff. Cannot fill SPED Positions this is mandated by law. We lost Title 1 funding due to president that save the federal government from shuting down.We must fill this. Library Para - we lost then brought one back so kids got library and teacher got plan time. MS Counselor - Down one right now and we must fill and may need to fill the second one we let go. Will need to look at this. We need a second Community Counselor by looking at grants. Orchestra is a vialable program, but what do I cut. Dr. Lopez will have to do something when looking at $200,000. We will take 65-70,000 for an average teacher. We are looking at the best qualified younger teachers to balance budget. We will have final budget. Most class B schools do not have Orchestra. We are trying to have a balanced budget. Serious budget contstraints. Understand passion and will need a budget that works. Jim - Mrs. Sebby - what was her typical day spent. Did she teach study hall. She did have travel. HS - Jason 1st period teach 2nd plan and left rest of day. Morning at elementay and prochial and the afternoon from 12:07 to 1:00 supervisor and taught 6th grade and then alt day 7th and 8th grade. Enrollment 28 and total of 33 participate. Would Orchestra students be in band also? No maybe one. HS next year only 8 enrolled in Orchestra. Back in the 70 enrollment was larger. Do you feel that the negative health has had an impact? I would guess if you cannot navagate it that would have an impact. Special Topic class would only have 8 so we do have some classes that do drop. Sometimes it only have 4-5 kids interested will not offer class. Are existing teacher to teach it some do feel they are not qualified to teach it. We have not discussed with music programs instructors. Certification has been taught how to teach it just not doing it. It is not unusal for a certification to teach another subject. Options we will look at. Jim want it on the agenda and put it out in the public. Cuts furthers from classroom is more in favor of. Monte - Average cost of instruments 600 up to 2,000 violn. Can they be rented. Do have some they might be able to use. John band does have rental but not sure about Orchestra. Jon Z. wife expressed some of the same comments. It is a shame to see this program to go. When we hire teacher, coach, music. If hire good person with passion it will grow, but have we had this as of late. This could happen but this is a gray area. Could we go along to make both sides happy, to keep it going with hope that we could keep it going along. But how do we keep it going for better times. Randy - I tend to agree that this program cannot be combined. You will kill it. It has been a struggling program, but we need a great person $60,00 to $70,000 to hire that person. This is a classroom position not a coach. Bottom line do we do something. Mitch - 5th grade has been a fan. Point economic time we have never seen. Colorado cut 80 position and are looking at a four day school week. Have not had reductions is last several years. Have more answers to cut. Randy would like some recommendation with numbers. Lisa - One of the most single hard decisions. Cut as far away from the classroom. Have to serve more than just the people sitting ing the room. Need to see if dollars best used to serve not only 32 or more. Co-op with other district. Need to think outside box. Does not like the bandaide approach. Jim - Orchestra not an elites program from all backgrounds and social economic areas.
6. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  Rita Hydo - 208 Sherman - I see your job as being very difficult. I see your jobs as producing citizens. Kids jig saw puzzels and by graduation the puzzel is complete. They will taking care of us and leading our community. What could a child do in his day that would develop this child. Sports can replace other sports. What does Orchestra be replaced with. Kathy lost passion due to health. Need someone who can recurit this program. If take this out what program will replace it. Krista - Fine Arts in Education - and also Arts Council. Everyone in arts are very passion. Oldest is in Band and is life now plays 5. It is because of passion of instructors. This is a hick up year. Blame it on the president. Know Kathy and has play violn as a child. Learning band and orchestra instruments are different and some our current staff could teach it but would not be as profiecient. Current dollars it costs to fund they understand. But it is her understanding that no elementary recuriting was done. Thanked public. adjourn at 8:40 PM
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