Public Meeting Agenda: October 25, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole


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October 25, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Agenda

October 25, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole
1. Public Comments on Agenda Items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  Call to order at 7:00 PM. Absent - Steve and Doris. No one spoke on agenda items.
2. Board Self-Evaluation
Speaker(s):  Tobias Tempelmeyer
Discussion:  Tobias Met 2 months ago to do self eval and all filled it out and have reviewed the responses. Board Qualities Strong disagree - does not make decision for students. We do see and maded decisions for students. Jim thinks we are a respectful board Monte no comment Mitch -glad we did this a good tool- It was great to be able to write comments. Concern some that were way at the strong disagree was concnerning. Did not like that said we did not make decision about kids. Jon - Look back four years and to see only small group disagree I think it just shows how far we have come. Board Qualities each individual one concern that we are not putting the District and kids first. Positive assessment. Randy - We have come a long way Dr. Lopez has done a great job brining us together. Good things Stragetic Plan. If have one disagree it might be a representatative of community. Work to keep improving. Lisa - this is a great step to make us better. We need to do this. Concern about kids not being put first. Please explain to me. We must know what we are not doing in order to get better Most comments positiave. Room to improve. Board Meetings - Tobias -Rules, run well Concern on comment that some do not come prepare Concern about respect during the meeting. Why the diversion. Not being prepared as seen by other is a concern. Jim - All come most of them prepared. Done their homework. Superintendent has always answsered. Sometimes repeats answers in public so all can hear. Monte - Most are prepared. We do conduct in bussiness like manner. Burma we use a facilitaor and do in closed session. He was concerned. Tobias cost 200 not wise to spend. Does not fall under closed session and can check with Rex if need too. Mitch - efficient and smooth board meeting. Concern about open meetings act. Have only had 1 violation. I think do good job keeping things open and available to publick Jon - Have run our meeting very well. Things seem to be more respectful, allowing others to voice opions. He is pleased. Randy - Comment for record. No problem taking about it in public. We need to be able to talk openly so this is good to talk about our self evaluation. Very efficient. Applaude Tobias. Board & Sup Relations - Very positive. One area of concern. Public critizim of sup and staff. like to think that once a decision is made by board all would support the decision. Lisa - # 3 & 5 opposite we have encouraged sup to participate in professional development and organization. Encourage the differnce of opion to discuss it. Randy - We did have an error and we have taken care of it. We need to move on and talk with sup and admin in a professional manner. Ask questions to inform the public. Dr. Lopez & Dr. Baker the friday update. Jon - Understand the parameters of the Board and Superintendent. Need to learn where we can work or where we can and cannot talk. Follow the policy. Understand and learn board role better. Mitch - As board memebers is small community it is sometimes hard to remember what a Board job is. We have change of command to follow. Always need to have input from patrons, but don't try to do someones job. Monte - Enjoyed visits from Dr. Lopez. Jim - Good Board and Sup trust relationship are a must. Dr. Lopez approachable. Dr. Baker hope have time to us his strengths in negotiatiosn Policy\Planning - Positive comments about stragetic plan. All admin and teacher are carring out the plan well. Lisa 2 & 3 One person disagree. Does not understand. As each meeting we lot of policy revisions and news. Update yearly of the stragetic plan. Does not understand the one person who said this. Randy agree with Lisa and just let this go as 7 or 8 think we are going our job developing policy. Small town really easy to try to solve. Individual cant fix must do as group. Jon - 2 & 3 should be 9 strongly agree as the Board continually reviews and updates policy and plans shoudl be 9. As we do this all the time. Not all might understand the role of this board. We do a fantasitic job of updaing and planning. Does not always follow. Mitch - Lots of policy. We have been reviewing lots of really old one. The stragetic plan has given them direction. Monte - Activity once a year for goal setting with a facilitaroy. Baker 50% good 50% bad. Mr. Baker reivew your polciy over several years with new sup this is good. Finacial Management - How honest we were all 8 agree. Most really don't fully understand it. Positive about budget and finance and how it is working. Jim- Count on the Sup and Business to guide the board on finance and budget. Review of the budget has been helpful to him. A good process. Monte - Budget do not understand and several do not come the budget meeting. Mitch - none to add. Jon - feel some of these hope the reason hope it is because they did not understand the question. We hire people to handle this. Randy - We are not trained in this areas have to trust those who we have hired. We have changed how we have set out budget and this was good. Lisa - none Board and Community Relations - Board relates well with community and how the discuss thisnings and we can do betterr. One who did not think we did a good job. Please share your ideas. Jim- all get out into the communinty and into the schools all wish could do more. Might not doing it as mucch as he has in past, but is going to try and get into the classrooms or buildings. Monte - Good job, but see us reach out to the building. Move meeting to other places and reasch out. Board at PTo parent conference. Mitch - Legislative issue is a moving object and effort to be part of GNSA is good and we have sup representaive and then report to public. Stong disagree with complaints from public. Did not understand. Jon - do a fair job with community, but we all work. Do the best we can with the amount of time each person has. Not sure how it could get better but be open. This is what we are doing tonight. We are being more open. They can see how the decisions we make. It would be nice to see the community step forward to make the relationship better. Mitch - Go out to many places, but we have TV and media coverage, which we would loose here. Some do not come, but TV is on. Randy - Community tests the water and that you are going to listen and then send them in the right direction. Be mindful to send them to the right person. Need to be visiable and accessable. Many people watch TV. Strengths - Performance goals, stronger, student achievement, communication strategic plan show we have in mind what the district and kids needs. We all have the same goal what is about kids. Lisa - Great step to make us a better board. Encourage over few months revisit. Still need to address the differnt opion so she can understand Randy - ditto and access some of things and get better and go on. Jon - Take from it a very positive have gotten along better and are learning how to work better with each other. Can go forward from this point. Look forward to seeing where we are next year Mitch - Will not grow as a board if we do not have these discussion and move forward. Must pull together to go foward. We as a busniess cannot survie if we are not all pulling in the same direction. Must get behine dthe strategic plan and support it and personnael. This will come from us getting better. Monte - Look forward to moving forward. Jim - Self assessment - When looking at the Board so and so should do this harder to look at Jim doing better. Valuable and hope we will do it again.
3. Nebraska Performance Accountability System (NePAS)
Speaker(s):  Jackie Nielsen
Discussion:  Jackie - NePAS - New this year to educate board as to what they will see on the State of Schools Report. Highlight key points. Grade level confiu 3-5 Middle 6-8 secondary 9-12 Reviewed charts - Elementary & Middle - Status average scale score, improvement differnce of the average scale score growth 3grad to 4th grade to 5th grade. Growth cohort data if 3 rd grader how did I do then 4th grade how did I do. More data to work with with. In january we will review with and work with staff. We will be ranked accrossed the state. If have 40 at 100% the the one at 99% will be ranked number 41. This will be hot topic in community. Elementary building will be ranked as all buildings, but with only 1 ms and 1 hs they will be ranked as an individual. We can see individual elementary data. Release on November 20th to public. WE will educate the teachers on how to use the data. We may also have parent sessions to help them understand. Shared some samples with the Board. Call her if you have questions.
4. Ken O'Connor
Speaker(s):  Jackie Nielsen
Discussion:  Ken Oconnor - Monday & Tuesday to work with us with grading. He will help us achieve our goals in the stragetic plan. How do we fix a broken grading system? Evaluate what and how we grade. Are we grading what the know, behavior or attendadnce. Tuesday and workshop type session workin with Ken. 10-29 6:30 & 7:30 Parent meeting invited the Board to attend or the day session. Need to have all stakeholders educated. Shared the ageneda - January parents, grading committee.
5. Policy Updates
Speaker(s):  Dr. Roy Baker, Dr. Thompson & Jackie Nielsen
Discussion:  Policy 2405 Jami Jo 3 changes no longer use phone trees have an automated syste. Saftey plans not created by bulding principals we use other agencies referes to safety plan 5220 And AR 5250 - Jackie - Oversite in 2011 left out Essential Skills. ELO assessment being development. For this year our junior and seniors could not hold accountable to ES. Add Seniors moving in 1st quarater of senionr must pass assessmenst also left out.
5.1. Emergency Response Policy 2405
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson
Discussion:  Proposed Adpotiosn 9210 - Call to his attention 3 meeting to adopt a policy. Most do not do this. One policy per page current place to look is on the website. Two scheuled meeting take to mean must go to 3rd meeting to read 1s approveal 2d approval adoptiona and approval do not need to go to third. Review twice and approve not 3. Policy would not have to ammended. Policy has been miss applied. We will change
5.2. Graduation Requirements Policy 5220 & AR 5220
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson & Jackie Nielsen
Discussion:  John Brazerll Elmentary STudy - Last week kcik off meeting met twith BVH. Looked at a timelien and plan for timeline Program Statement - 1st 2 Statements one for 1 site and one Pk-2 3-5 two sites. BVH will put it together. Will get an estimater which BVH will help with. Like on board by Nov 20th Looking at sites, but BVh will help us with this site ammenties, access, zoneing. Will also involve a local appaiser. Next meeting Nove 20 review Program statements Intial site analaysis and start to brainstorm some ideas. Need to select a fical agenent Ameritas, it will be fair and open to give everyone a chance. Would like to have a committee to include bd, John baker and bankers. to help select fiscal agent. In february have nice designs site selected and tax ideas.
5.3. Proposed Adoptions and Amendments of Bylaws and Policies Policy 9210
Speaker(s):  Dr. Baker
Discussion:  Instruction Plan - Jackie Profession devl for year. Focus on grading - Octoaber Ken Poverty and Engagement speaker back in March Elementary Teachers March Offered 4 mimi session for PLC leaderDescriptive Feedback done rest will be in Nov Summerizing PK-12. JaNUARY mARZON 6 STEP vOCAB. Feb - Structure of text to help with reading. Revision of Career Education Academmy. parterner with Chamber. The community will give us guidance and this will help us develop students Mini Best Patrice Session put on by teachers in January. AYP data instruction to review the data. Working on training the trainers in Boys Town. In Aug HS will be trained by our trainiers. Helps us be self sufficient.
6. Strategic Plan Update
Speaker(s):  Dr. Baker, Dr. Thompson, Jackie Nielsen and John Brazell
6.1. Facility Study
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  Communication - Jami Jo Public Form - Elmentary Reconfiguartion Monthly staff meeting at CO The Beat Electronic Newsletter includes the Employee of the Month Board Self- Eaval Waiting on Admon and Tearh for state is now working on it. We will waitn Working on Description Feedback Ach Commiteee formed Communiyt Math and Liter parent nights Technoldoy The Beat Google Apps for Educators Now have calendar email and doc. Common Tool needed in everry classroom 3yr plan Extra Professional Devel in Tehcnoly area esxpeciallin google apps., Working on enhancing website.
6.2. Instructional Plan
Speaker(s):  Jackie Nielsen
Discussion:  Negotions Teams Dr. Baker This is what he knows and what thinks he knows Lisa Doris JOn. John or Roy shoudl be on Negot before Nove 1 and the meeting is scheduled on October. No more than 4 meetings. Gave an overview of the new procedures. March 25 or 25 cert of state aid whicheraver comes later nego must end.
6.3. Communication
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson
7. Negotiations Team
Speaker(s):  Dr. Roy Baker
Discussion:  Executive Session is up to them it need to disscuss negotiations. Tobias thought they should go into the executive session. Review Sup Eval from Norris to come up more. Possible use of NASB. Cricital to have feedback Good idea to look at changing ours. Look at MC AND jACK. Dr. Baker Tobias made motion/jon All 8:43 - Five minutes.
8. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  None
9. Executive Session - To discuss negotiations for the protection of public interest and or the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual and if such individual has not requested a public meeting.
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