Public Meeting Agenda: April 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole


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April 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Agenda

April 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole
1. Public Comments on Agenda Items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Jon Zimmerman
Discussion:  Called to order at 7:00 Open meeting act on the wall. No one spoke
2. Professional Learning Community Report
Speaker(s):  Jackie Nielsen
Discussion:  Let all know about PLC. Highlight key points and why it is so important to educators. Introduced Presentors - PLC Leaders all. Jodi - thanks Time is vaulable because they can analysis data. Quiz, assigments are common formative assessments that they can review the data and collaborate with other teachers and the discuss what each teacher is doing to learn for each other. Can also look at summative assessments to help with instruction and plan for next year to better teach. Act Plan Explore and look at data hetough questions. What doing well. What group of students are not doing well. Boys do better than girls. Molley - Sped behaivior Look at behavior inerventions to see what is working. They are tracking behavior patterns and the staff can identify patterns and make adjustments to students/. Example student might melt down same time of day Jodi Practice NeSa Test - Able to give and grade together. The discussion was very valuable. Able to gage in Octobeer were students were and what could we do to have the ready in Feb. Developed individual conferencing. The also provide recommendation for student schedules on the next leve. Mollie - Connie - Collaboration and communication. Collaoration is grade level and curriculum areas. Communication is also so important. Between principals and Jackie. Afer School programs. Dawn - Common Assessments allows grade levels to work togetherr to keep things all the same. Finding out what has really worked well. Have common tool to measure student learning. Opens up dialoge for effective test structures. Mindy Relationship building - Cedar only has l level next. Share lesson plans, assessments an instructional ideas as all grade level come together. Use other ideas. Connie - changes next year. MS 2700 team plan and chages in not having teams will be even less time. PLC will help with this change. Good for kids parents to see consistencay. PLC are good for kids for collboratin and communiction. Molly Community - Like to have calling it all the same we are all linked together accross the district. This also helps us connect and be linked to the community. Janet - Might need to make community know what it is. Maybe on the radio and newspaper. Hopefull they can hear what we just heard. Randy we agree we must sell and continue to sell so that all see it is not a inconvience. Jon - Could PLC be video conferencing. One on One is great Jackie. We would need cameras and we are not really too far apart. Also do scoring together. Randy Ruby Payne and Boystown any evidence other than feel good. Yes data 4 times a year and they are seeing improvement and meeting the benchmarks. Molly be posiitive and are sharing the data to others.
3. Curriculum Review - Guidance Counselor's Report
Speaker(s):  Jackie Nielsen
Discussion:  Guidance - Intro K-12 counselors here. Kelley Winter share what the couneslors do. How are students affected by what counselors do. ASCA has a natioanl model with standard and frame brings the team together as one voice. They are data driven. Rigors curriculum, delivered to all students. New title not Guidance Counselor they are professional school counselors. The counselors have a Mission Statement that aligns with our statement. Pam Elementary Data - Student Poll by Gallup this data will be used increase levels of Hope. 3 Catagories and explained what it days. Shared 3 elementary schools hope data. Hopeful level 75% and 71% 56%. Want open up discussion with student set goals future goals, occupations, college set in their minds early on. Visit with them about problem solving more than one way. Also talk about study skills. Peer Role models talk with HS and Ms personnal about someone who could be this for the discouraged level. HS Adie using now the kids really love them. I want to be like so and so. Get parents invovled by communication. Goal hope level to 85% and 5% in discouraged. Given again in the fall and really implement in 13-14. MS Angie - Looked at attendance to improve. Need to be at schools to successfull. Just started in Janury looking at 1st sem and broke it down. The want to see 0-4.9 are in the 70% now. Forumlated some questions. Looking at indivdual counseling section Have 5 students that they sahred. Meet every two weeks. all have show improvment in their GPA the individual connection does help. Next year they shared goal HS - Hope in Elementary and attendance in MS all goals at HS will be met. Golas Increase Graduaction Rates Increase College Going Rate will be collection National Clearing House Decrease failures of 9th grade & 10th grade. Lunch study group must meet if failing a class. Shared data on graduations rates we are falling below the state where we have been = or above. Shared introventions they have used Oddesyware and Compass, Lunch Group, Summer School and also look at a work program for credit recovery. College going rate - Not alwasy going right after school but are highter at 2years after. Inerventions - Colleg access grant 15,000 per year, college club college access day (guest speakers, college visits, financial aid night)Summer melt call and check on graduates to see what plan are for fall help with finacial aid etc. Decrease failuare rate - What we are doing is helping. Keep working with study group for 9th and 10th. May add addtional staff. Interventions NHS tutior, working with teachers during mentor, before and after school, lunch study group, speakers. Roy - National College Clearing does it include military? No it does not. Do we have? We might be able to get it. It might be self reporting, but would be good have. Randy good job with study groups it is building relationships. Randy thanked
4. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Jon Zimmerman
Discussion:  No one spoke. Adjourm 8:07
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