Public Meeting Agenda: April 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

April 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

April 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance & Roll Call
3. Consent Agenda
3.1. Approval of the agenda as submitted
3.2. Approval of minutes of the March 10, 2014 regular Board of Education meeting
3.3. Approval of proposed accounts for payment
3.4. Approval of budgetary receipts and expenditures
3.5. Approval of the minutes of the March 27, 2014 Committee of the Whole meeting and April 11, 2014 School Community and Staff Relations meeting.
3.6. Approval of Resignations of Aaron Callaway - Middle School Math and Francie Wilbers - High School- Special Education
3.7. Approval of Option Students
4. Action
4.1. Take action to appoint a person to fill the seat of Jim Spangler for a term ending in January 2015.
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
5. Oath of Office to New Board Member David Niedfeldt
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
6. Action
6.1. Take action to appoint a person to fill the seat of Randy Coleman for a term ending in January 2017
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
7. Oath of Office to New Board Member - Andy Maschmann
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
8. Action
8.1. Discuss, consider and take all necessary action to ratify and approve all action taken by this Board of Education at its meeting on March 10, 2014
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
9. Outstanding Recognition
9.1. Employee of the Month
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sutter
9.2. State Runner-Up Boy's Basketball Team - Hunter Zarybnicky, Brayden Murrison, Ty Bardsley, Landon Zarybnicky, Heath Hovendick, Rylee Zimmerman, Christian Hartig, Jalen Weeks, Zachary Pinkerton, Dakota Buss, Andrew Venneman, Reece Gronewold, Devin Stuart and Alec Cromer
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sutter
9.3. Stoddard 4th Grade Reading Classics Team State Winner - Tagg DeBoer, Caleb Jobman, Torrance Keehn and Simon Pinkerton
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Replogle
9.4. 1st Team Class B All-State - Rylee Zimmerman
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sutter
10. Information
10.1. Superintendent Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
10.2. Board Reports/Requests
10.2.1. GNSA/Legislative Update
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
10.2.2. Committee of the Whole March 27, 2014
Speaker(s):  Mr. Zimmerman
10.2.3. School Community & Staff Relations Committee
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
10.2.4. National School Board Conference Report
Speaker(s):  Board Members
10.3. Student Representative Report
Speaker(s):  Miss Jurgens
11. Public Forum/Citizen's Requests/Comments Related to Agenda Items
12. Action
12.1. Approval of Application to Nebraska Technology Inter-Local Cooperative #2
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
12.2. Approval of Nebraska Technology Inter-Local Cooperative and authorize Cooperative to issue Bonds
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
13. Administrators' Report
14. Audience Comments on any of the Preceding Actions or Discussions
15. Notification of Next Meeting
16. Executive Session - To discuss personnel for the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual and if such individual has not requested a public meeting
17. Adjournment
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