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July 12, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Wolsey-Wessington School District 2-6

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Budget Hearing
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ESSER Funding Report
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Electronic Sign discussion
Reorganization of the Board of Education (Business Manager to assume Chair)
6.1  Adjournment of the 2020-21 Board
6.2 Issue Oath of Office to newly elected member
6.3 Discussion of Appointment for new member (1 year term)
6.4  Executive Session (SD Codified Law 1-25-2) Personnel
6.5  New Member Appointment
6.6  Issue Oath of Office to new member
6.7  Election of School Board Chair for the 2021-22 school year (Business Manager relinquishes chair)
6.8  Convene 2021-22 Board
6.9  Election of the School Board Vice Chair
6.10  Committee Appointments (Buildings/Grounds, Transportation, Negotiations, Policy, Tech, Budget)
6.11  CORE and Mid Central Cooperative Appointments
Community Forum
Rationale:  This is an opportunity for community members to address the board concerning issues that are not on the agenda
Conflict of Interest Declarations 
Rationale:  This is a time for board members and administration to identify any items on the agenda that could be considered conflicts of interest (per SDCL 3-23)
Consideration of conflict of interest waivers as presented
Adopt agenda
Communication and Discussion Items
Administrative Reports
Business Manager
Elementary Principal
Secondary Principal
Mid Central Report
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CORE Cooperative Report
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Approve Consent Agenda
Rationale:  The consent agenda includes items approved with one motion.  That motion will approve the recommended action.
Approval and/or correction of the minutes from previous board meetings 
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Approval of bills
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Approval and/or correction of the financial reports
  *approval of moving $10,000 to food service fund and $7000 to preschool/drivers ed fund from the general fund
  *approve Contingency and Supplemental Budget
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11.4.1 JLCD Medical Prescriptions and Over the Counter Drugs-revision
11.4.2 BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings-revision
11.4.3 JHCD Administration of Medication to Students-revision
11.4.4 JICDD Student Bullying-reviewed
11.4.5 JIH Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests-reviewed
11.4.6 JK Student Discipline-revision
11.4.7 JKD In School and Out of School Suspension-revision
11.4.8 JLCC Communicable/Infectious Diseases-reviewed
11.4.9 JLCC-R Communicable/Infectious Diseases-revised
11.4.10 JHCD-R Administration of Medication to Students-first reading
11.4.11 JHCDA Student Self-Administration of Prescription Asthma and Anaphylaxis Medication-first reading
11.4.12 JHCDB Stock Epinephrine Auto-Injectors-first reading

Open Enrollments
Contracts for board approval
11.7.1  Approve Sam Erickson addition of Master's Degree
11.7.2  Approve Eric Bliss for MS/HS Band and Choir 
11.7.3  Approve Ricardo Sabalier at $10/hr
Designate the following
12.1 The time and place of regular board meetings: 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Room 206
12.2 Official bank depository: American Bank & Trust and Heartland State Bank
12.3 Official school newspaper: Plainsman
12.4 School attorney: Rodney Freeman
12.5 Amy Langbehn as Business Manager to be authorized to handle all financial transactions on behalf of the district and to handle negotiations of all savings accounts, checking accounts, and certificates of deposit
12.6 Custodians of Imprest Fund and Trust and Agency accounts: Amy Langbehn and Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.7 Vice Chair of the Board of Education may countersign checks drawn by the business manager
12.8 Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised as the parliamentary procedure guide to be utilized by the board
12.9 Annual school board election to be held on the second Tuesday in April
12.10 School lunch administrator: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.11 Purchasing agents for the district: Amy Langbehn and Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.12 Truancy officer: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.13 Representatives of Title I and all Federal programs including any new programs implemented: Amy Langbehn and Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.14 Title IX Office: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.15 Public Records Officer: Amy Langbehn
12.16 Homeless Liason: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.17 FERPA Privacy Oficer: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.18 Age Discrimination Act Compliance Officer: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.19 Rehabilitation Act Section 504 Compliance Officer: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.20 Americans with Disabilities Compiance Officer: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.21 Asbestos Compliance Officer: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey
12.22 Authorize the Business Manager to electronically transfer funds for specificially authorized purposes
12.23 Authorize the continuation of existing funds and accounts
12.24 Authorie the Business Manager to invest and reinvest funds in the institution which serves the greatest advantage to the school district
12.25 Authorize the Superintendent to close school in emergency situations and in case of inclement weather and set the chain of command in the event the superintendent is absent
12.26 Authorize the district to participate in the Emergency School Bus Mutual Assistance Pact
12.27 Authorize the payment of sport fee dues for all head coaches and AD
12.28 Approve publishing of salaries in official newspaper
12.29 Approve insurance plan (Crime section-employee dishonesty) for Employee theft and forgery, set at $50,000 for Business Manager and $5,000 blanket for all other employess and $1,000 for forgery
12.30 Board member compensation at $50 per meeting and special meetings with mileage at current state rate
12.31 Travel rates will be equal to approved state rates (mileage $.42/mile or $.23 if personal vehicle is used when district vehicle is available and appropriate)
12.32 Meal reimbursement for travel be at state rates only when overnight travel required 
12.33 Approve SD United School Association Membership
12.34 Approve the following fees
Admission prices for 7-12 athletic events
Students $3  DH $5
Adults $5  DH $7
Senior Citizens free
Adult Season Pass $65
12.35 Set School Lunch and Breakfast Prices
K-4 $2.85
5-8  $3.10
9-12  $3.30
Adult staff  $4
Senior citizens  $4
Visitors  $4.55
Preschool  $2.55
Extra milk  $.45
Second entree  $1
Student breakfast  $1.50
Adult/teacher/guest breakfast  $2.50
12.36  4-5 year old Preschool  $75
3 year old Preschool  $40
12.37  Substitute Teacher pay per day-non certified $95; certified $110; Long term (after 5 consecutive days) $125
Substitute Para/Cook/Janitor $80
12.38  Officials Pay per game for JV and varsity
Book $15/game or match
Clock $15/game or match
Shot clock $15/game
Video $10/JV or Varsity BB, VB, FB game or match  $20/varsity FB game
JH BB Official $20/game
JV BB Official $35/game
JV/Varsity BB $100
Varsity BB DH  $125
JV/Varsity VB $95
JH FB Official $15/game
Varsity FB chain gang $25/varsity game 
FB announcer $25
FB clock $25 
VB line judge $30 for JV/V
JH VB line judge $5/match
JH VB official $10/match

Action Items Pulled From the Consent Agenda
Action Items - New and Unfinished Business
14.1  P Card
14.2 Paraprofessional contract(s)
14.3  Approve K-8, HS, Athletic, Tech and Staff handbooks for 2021-22 school year
14.4  Approve Special Education Comprehensive Plan for 2021-22 school year
14.5  Approve Start Well Plan revision
Attachments: (6)
Executive Session (SD Codified Law 1-25-2)
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