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January 11, 2021 at 7:30 PM - Regular Board Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
I.A. Roll Call
I.B. Notice of Nebraska Open Meetings Act Posted
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I.C. Oath of Office 
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II. Approval of Minutes from the December 14, 2020, Regular Board Meeting
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III. Communications, Audiences, and Recognitions
III.A. Public comments will not be received after this period of time. Public comment period is limited to 5 minutes per person and a total of 30 minutes overall.
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IV. Financial Statement: Item for Discussion, Consideration, and/or Action
IV.A. Approval of Bills
IV.A.1. General Fund, Special Building Fund, Depreciation Fund, and Qualified Capital Purpose Undertaking Fund Claims
IV.A.2. Lunch & Activity Claims
V. Support Service
V.A. Facility Update
V.B. Personnel Items
V.B.1. Resignation 
V.B.1.1. Janie Winter - 1.0 FTE - 7-12 Social Studies Teacher at the Conclusion of the 2020-2021 School Year
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V.C. Technology Update
VI. Administrative and Committee Reports
VI.A. Student Board Member Report
VI.B. Elementary Principal's Report
VI.C. Secondary Principal's Report
VI.D. Superintendent's Report
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VII. Items for Discussion, Consideration, and/or Action
VII.A. Reorganization of the Southern School Board
VII.A.1. Election of Officers
VII.A.1.1. President 
VII.A.1.2. Vice-President 
VII.A.1.3. Secretary 
VII.B. Appointments
VII.B.1. Appoint the District's Non-Discrimination Compliance Coordinator 
VII.B.2. Appoint the Treasurer
VII.B.3. Authorized Representative for State & Federal Programs
VII.C. Designate the Fund Depository for Southern Public Schools
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VII.D. Designate the Legal Newspaper for Southern Public Schools
VII.E. Designate the Legal Counsel for Southern Public Schools
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VII.F. Designate the Method for Publicizing Meetings of the Southern Board of Education
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VII.G. Appoint School Board Standing Committees
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VII.G.1. American Civics
VII.G.2. Building & Grounds
VII.G.3. Finance
VII.G.4. Negotiations 
VII.G.5. Policy
VII.G.6. Transportation 
VII.H. Policy Review - Policy 2005: Conflict of Interest, Policy 2006: Complaint Procedures, & Policy 2012: Code of Ethics 
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VII.I. Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) for the Second Semester
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VII.J. Option Enrollment Applications
VIII. Adjournment
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