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July 13, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Omaha Public Schools Board of Education and Educational Service Unit 19 Board Meeting

A. OPS Board Of Education Information
B. Call to Order
C. Pledge of Allegiance
D. OPS Vision and Mission Statement
E. Roll Call
E.1. Excused/Unexcused Absence
F. Board and Superintendent Communications
F.1. Treasurer
F.2. Superintendent
F.3. Board Members
G. Public Comment and Recognition
H. Consent Agenda
H.1. Reading of Minutes
H.1.a. Monday, June 15, 2020 - Regular Meeting
H.1.b. Thursday, June 25, 2020 - Workshop
H.1.c. Monday, June 29, 2020 - Special Meeting
H.2. Amendment No. 003 to the Agreement with Darland Construction - 2018 Bond Program - New Elementary School 10th & Pine Street Project $15,155,702.00
H.3. Amendment No. 005 to the Agreement with McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. - 2018 Bond Program - New High School 60th & L Street Project $1,852,300.00
H.4. Amendment No. 007 to the Agreement with Sampson Construction Co., Inc. - 2018 Bond Program - New High School 156th & Ida Street Project $2,321,754.00
H.5. Approval of the 2020-2021 Educational Paraprofessionals Negotiated Agreement
H.6. Approval of the 2020-2021 Nutrition Services Negotiated Agreement
H.7. Approval of Change Order No. 001 - Bid No. 20-003  Roof Coating at Various Schools, Summer 2020 - Benson High School (Deduct $25,786.00)
H.8. Approval of Change Order No. 002 - Bid No. 20-003  Roof Coating at Various Schools, Summer 2020 - Central High School (Add $25,434.84)
H.9. Approval of Contract with Midland University for K-12 ESL Endorsement Program
H.10. Approval of Settlement Agreement between the District and Christopher (Last Name Redacted), his spouse on behalf of themselves and as parents and next friends of their minor child. 
H.11. Approve Lease Extension Agreement with HFH, LLC for Storage at 37th & D St.
H.12. Approval to Negotiate a Contract with Metlife for Short Term Disability Services
H.13. Approval to Purchase District Annual Order General Art and Office Supplies For 2020-2021 School Year
H.14. Approval to Purchase End Point Network Security Licenses
H.15. Approval to Purchase Enterprise Software Licensing for Network Management and Security (Cisco Duo Access Suite and Identity Services Engine)   
H.16. Approval to Purchase Enterprise Software Licensing for Network Management and Security (5 Year Cisco Enterprise Licensing Agreement)
H.17. Approval to Purchase iPad Peripherals for Field Club Elementary School
H.18. Approval to Purchase iPad Peripherals for McMillan Middle School
H.19. Approve Purchase of Promethean ActivPanels, and Adjustable Stands for Liberty Elementary School
H.20. Approval to Purchase Server and Data Storage for the Teacher Administrative Center and Scott Technology Data
H.21. Award Bid No.20-052 to Encore Data Products for Literacy Headphones
H.22. Award Bid Number No. 20-066 for Forklift Equipment: One (1) Sit Down Forklift, One (1) Standup Forklift and Three (3) Walkie Riders
H.23. Award Bid Number No. 20-067 to Butler Ag Equipment for Tractor Equipment: One (1) Tractor W/ Mechanical Front-wheel Drive and/or One (1) Tractor W/Loader & Box Scraper
H.24. Award Bid Number 20-068 to Woodhouse Ford for Vehicles: One (1) SUV and Two (2) Medium Transit Vans and Seventeen (17) Low Roof Vans
H.25. Award Contract for Bid No. 20-026 to School Health Corporation for District Medical Supplies for the 2020-2021 School Year  
H.26. Award to HD Supply White Cap Construction for Purchase of Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer
H.27. Award to Various Vendors for  Bid No. 20-047 Literacy Materials
H.28. Award to Various Vendors for  Bid No. 20-048 Sensory Materials
H.29. Award to Synovia Solutions for Here Comes the Bus
H.30. Certificate(s) of Substantial Completion - 2018 Bond Program - New Elementary School: 1000 N. Fort Crook Road - Site Demolition & Grading Construction
H.31. Change Order No. 002 - 2014 Bond Program - Capital Improvements & Renovation - Nathan Hale Magnet Middle School (Add $459,612.30)
H.32. Claims - School District of Omaha - Report A
H.33. Claims - School District of Omaha - Report B
H.34. Claims - School District of Omaha - Report C
H.35. Claims - Educational Service Unit No. 19
H.36. Committee on Claims Audit Approval 07/13/2020
H.37. Design Firm Selection - 2018 Bond Program - South High Magnet School Capital Improvements & Renovation Project - BCDM Architects $695,000.00
H.38. Flexible Benefit Plan Amendment
H.39. Grant Fund Budget Adjustments
H.40. Head Start Grant Application and Budget
H.41. Proposed Administrative Appointments
H.42. Proposed Staffing Adjustments
H.43. Purchase of Curricular Materials for Grades 8 and 9 Physical Science from Atlantis Educational Services
H.44. Purchase of Additional Curricular Materials and Resources (Read 180 and System 44) for Grades 9-12 Reading Intervention from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
H.45. Purchase of Khan Academy Districts Service for grade level math Math 6 through Algebra 3-4 from Khan Academy, Inc.
H.46. Resolution 20-005 Ratifying All Actions Taken by the Board of Education Since April 1, 2020
H.47. Resolution 20-006 relating to Employee Contract Cancellation Hearing
I. Discussion and/or Action Items
I.1. Action Item(s)
I.1.a. Student Code of Conduct 2020-2021
I.1.b. Approval of Consulting Services Agreement between Omaha Public Schools and Prism Advisors
I.1.c. Approval of a Year-Long Renewal for the 2020-21 School Year of the Educational Products and Services Agreement with K12 Classroom LLC, for the Kindergarten-12th Grade Students of the Omaha Virtual School - Total Cost to the District is $516,555.00  
I.1.d. Approve Purchase of Apple Devices for One To One Technology Initiative for Early Childhood Education
I.1.e. Approval to Purchase iPad Peripherals for Benson High School
I.1.f. Award to Various Vendors for Bid No. 20-045 for Supplement Books Classroom Libraries
I.1.g. Second Reading - Policy 4043 and 5008 
I.2. Information Item(s)
I.2.a. Preparing for a Responsible Return to School - Student Attendance and Human Resources
J. Receipt of Reports
J.1. CBOC update of the Phase I and Phase II Bond Programs June 2020
K. Request for Closed Session
L. Approval of Settlement Agreement between the District and Lizbeth (Last Name Redacted) on behalf of herself and as parent and next friend of her minor child, relating to the sexual assault of her minor child by Gregory Sedlacek at Fontenelle Elementary School.
M. Adjournment

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