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March 1, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Omaha Public Schools Board of Education and Educational Service Unit 19 Board Meeting

A. OPS Board Of Education Information
B. Call to Order
C. Pledge of Allegiance
D. OPS Vision and Mission Statement
E. Roll Call
E.1. Excused/Unexcused Absence
F. School Spotlight
G. Board and Superintendent Communications
G.1. Treasurer
G.2. Superintendent
G.3. Board Members
H. Public Comment and Recognition
I. Consent Agenda
I.1. Reading of Minutes
I.1.a. February 18, 2021 - Regular Meeting
I.1.b. February 22, 2021 - Board Workshop
I.2. Approval of Amendment No. 001 to the Agreement with The Weitz Company, LLC – South High Magnet School Capital Improvements & Renovation Project for 2018 Bond Program $5,847,191.00
I.3. Approval of Change Order No. 001 for the New Elementary School 1000 N. Fort Crook Rd. – 2018 Bond Program - (Add $87,385.15) Revised Total: $17,287,385.15
I.4. Approval of Claims Report A - District Expenditure
I.5. Approval of Claims Report B - Expenditures from Various Student activity Funds for which the Board serves as Custodian
I.6. Approval of Claims Report C - Expenditures on behalf of Board Members or their Related Organizations.
I.7. Approval of Educational Service Unit No. 19 Claims - Expenditures to be paid from Education Service Unit's Funds
I.8. Committee on Claims Audit Approval 03/01/2021
I.9. Approval for Lease Amendment No. 002 with United States Cellular Operating Company (USCOC) of Greater Iowa, Inc. for Cellular Antenna Lease - Benson High School
I.10. Approval of Staffing Adjustments
I.11. Renewal of Contract with Power School for Unified Talent Software Subscriptions from July 2021 to June 2022
I.12. Technical Correction to the Approved Master Agreement with the Omaha Education Association for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 School Years
J. Discussion and/or Action Items
J.1. Action Item(s)
J.1.a. Approval of the Report of the Legislative Committee Including Recommended Legislative Positions
J.2. Information Item(s)
J.2.a. Updates to Policies 3090 and 7000
J.2.b. Information on the Proposed High School Student Assignment Plan (SAP)
J.2.c. Budget and Audit Committee Update
K. Receipt of Reports
K.1. Report of the Head Start Annual Report to the Public 2019-2020
K.2. Report of Head Start Community Assessment 2020-2021 Update
K.3. Report of Head Start Monthly Governing Body Report January 2021
K.4. Economic Inclusion Update
K.5. Implementation of Blackboard Mass Notifications, Website and Family Mobile App
K.6. Second Quarter Board Conference Expenses 2020-2021
L. Request for Closed Session
M. Adjournment

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