Public Meeting Minutes: April 3, 2017 at 5:30 PM - BUILDING AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE MEETING


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1. Roll Call
Discussion:  Members Present: Bruce Scheer, Luanne Sundberg, Jessi Scheer, Lynn Johnson, Lawrence Reed
2. Transportation Policy 3520
Rationale:  Changes to policy recommended to accurately capture current practice and to address capacity as per board meeting discussion.
Discussion:  The committee reviewed and discussed the changes that Lynn presented on policy 3520.  The committee wants time to reflect on the changes and intend to present this policy to the board in May. 
3. Update Summative Needs

The updates that have been made are highlighted in yellow.

Discussion:  The committee reviewed and discussed the updates that the staff made to the summative needs list.  
4. Cement work in south parking lot, playground, south of concession building
Rationale:  Recommending approval of cement work in the south parking lot area. 
Discussion:  The committee reviewed the quotes that were received for preparing and pouring concrete in four different areas on campus.  The intention is to redo a section of concrete that serves as the north/south walkway in the middle of the south parking lot, to redo the west entrance to the south parking lot, to pour a new section of concrete south of the concession building to improve drainage, and to pour a concrete slab on the south side of the large playground to facilitate recess and other student activities in a safer environment.  In addition, there is a need to redo the concrete once the high school chiller is removed to create a safe uniform surface.  We do not have quotes on that scope of work at this time. The committee did discuss the need to make sure that we keep in mind potential future projects, such as parking, when making decisions to add concrete and/or other items that may impact future needs.  Two of these sections will require board action based on the cost.  
5. Purchase of dishwasher
Rationale:  Recommending purchase of new dishwasher based on need. 
Discussion:  The committee received information pertaining to the need for a new dishwasher and reviewed the four quotes on dishwashers that were provided by the staff.  The district has been reserving money in the hot lunch fund with the knowledge that this was an upcoming need.  The committee supports the recommendation made by staff which is to purchase from Buller Fixtures a Hobart System conveyor CLPS76Eplus dishwasher with the understanding that this quote does not include some additional electrical cost.
6. Paint blue gym
Rationale:  Recommending paint quote for elementary gym
Discussion:  The committee was provided with the quotes and additional information that shaped the staffs decision to paint the elementary gym this summer.  This does not require board action. 
7. Purchase of score clocks for old HS gym
Rationale:  Recommending quote for purchase of score clocks based on need.
Discussion:  The staff presented quotes and rationale for replacing the score clocks in the old high school gym.  One of the score clocks does not work and the other one has frayed wires and elements that do not work and are not replaceable.  The staff is recommending purchasing two basic score clocks for this gym.  Lynn is going to investigate to see if there might be outside entities that would contribute funds toward this effort. The board will be asked to take action on approval of this purchase.  
8. Update on Safe Route Grant
Discussion:  The committee members are provided with monthly updates on project status.  No further discussion was had at this time. 
9. Update on Summer Projects

Track resurface - Received the Nebraska DEQ scrap tire management grant

Discussion:  The staff presented the committee with a list of projects and/or endeavors that are on the docket for this summer as well as an explanation of how these efforts will be funded. Projects that will be completed by outside entities includes: paint elementary gym, concrete work, installation of dishwasher, and possible replacement of power poles in computer room 9.  Projects that will be completed by our staff include: replacing/upgrading one shower room, installing new score clocks in old high school gym, upgrade lights in weight room to be high efficiency, replace ceiling tiles and install upgraded lights in kitchen area, and possibly remove existing cement in high school chiller area. 
10. Purchase of bus

Calculations based on standard bus use of 130,000 miles over 10 years of use.

Based on price of a 2017 at $85,986 with similar/same specs.  Approx. $8,597/year 

Need to get a 2015 (which is two years of use) for at or around $68,806 for the used to be comparative cost.  

Recommending purchase of this bus contingent on confirmation with Randy/Warren/Karen/Cheryl P.


Discussion:  Lynn presented an option to buy a used 71 passenger 2015 Bluebird bus.  She shared information about the purchase price and specs of this used bus which would be coming off lease.  The decision about whether or not to move forward with the purchase will be determined after additional facts on warranty and years in use and obtaining information from other internal staff.  The committee is supportive of moving forward with this purchase if all of these points check out.  The bus would be purchased from depreciation fund with the thought that it could delay purchasing an additional bus until the 2018-2019 school year, recognizing that the finance committee would have input to impact this decision.  Without the purchase of this used 2015 bus we will be doing regular routes next school year with buses: 2018, 2017, 2013, 2011, 2002  Spares: 2003, 2001, 2010.  If the 2015 is purchased we would then move that into a regular route and 2002 would become a spare bus or be sold.  
11. Recommendations to the board as a result of this committee meeting.

The committee is in support of the following recommendations being made to the board:

1. Approve purchase of installed Hobart System conveyor CLPS76Eplus build-up from Buller Fixture in the amount of $44,950.

2. Approve removal and installation of concrete walkway in the south parking lot.  

3. Approve the pouring of a concrete slab (approx 45'x75') just south of large playground area.

4.  Approve the purchase of two score clocks for old high school gym from Daktronics in the amount of $6,391.

5. Approve the purchase of a 2015 Bluebird bus if all other factors are met as discussed. 

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