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August 7, 2017 at 3:00 PM - St. Paul's Liaison Committee Meeting

1. Roll Call

Committee Members present include: Luanne Sundberg, Lynn Johnson

Also present: Dr. Larry Wooster, St. Paul's Principal; Craig Hegemann, St. Paul's School Board President; Ann Jamison - Arlington Public School Assistant Special Education Director

2. Nonpublic Consultation - Special Education

Ann Jamison and Lynn Johnson presented specific information including child find practices, determination of proportionate share of federal funds, and delivery of special education services for St. Paul's students.  This meeting serves as a documented nonpublic consultation meeting. 

3. Review public school calendar

Those present discussed and shared respective school calendars. 

4. Discuss shared federal Title programs

Title II, Part A - Teacher and Principal Training;

Title III, Part A - Language Instruction for English Learners


Those present discussed how the Title IIA and Title IIIA monies are allocated, distributed, and managed.  

5. Transportation - Shuttle and Routes

Those present discussed the current shuttle bus policy and the day to day operation of the shuttle bus.  All parties expressed content with the current arrangement.  An agreement signed by both parties is in place.   

6. District Opt-In Policy

Those present discussed Arlington Public Schools current option enrollment policy and capacities.  Lynn shared how the policy is implemented.  

7. Textbook Loan Program - Rule 4

A discussion was held on the inventory of textbooks that are currently loaned and on site at St. Paul's and that an effort will be made to coordinate this program between the two entities as prescribed by the policy. 

8. Inclement Weather - Eagle Alert

Those present agreed to continue with the notification practices that are currently being used as it pertains to school closings and/or late starts relative to weather related conditions.  

9. Communications - Daily Announcement, Green Sheet

The current practice is for Arlington Public Schools to email the daily high school announcements and the elementary green sheets to St. Paul's.  We discussed continuing this practice.  Also discussed was the involvement of St. Paul's students in the extracurricular programs at Arlington Public Schools. Both parties view the current arrangement as positive for our students. 

10. Technology Support

Those present discussed the ways in which the public school provides technology support.  We also discussed continuing to include St. Paul's in training and professional development as feasible. 

11. Recommendation to the board as a result of this meeting:

There is no recommendation being made to the board as a result of this meeting. 

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